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Screwing Kajal on the Balcony So it was during the weekend … Kajal Agarwal and his Boyfriend both were having a relaxed day and had gone for spa during the afternoon …. Upon Xossips in nude kajal home they were extremely lazy and relaxed … So after sleeping for a while ….

Kajal started preparing for snacks and dinner …. His BF came in to help her with the same …. And it was natural that they are going to be enjoying the time in kitchen …. Where sometimes he would hug Kajal from back or hold her from waist facing each other and lift her and they would have long smooches … Forgot to mention …. Kajal was in sports bra and shorts only ….

Xossips in nude kajal he was in his shorts only …. With all this the heat was surely rising …. While cooking was in process they were both sharing wine straight from the bottle …. Whenever he would hug her … Kajal could sense him rising and making it large He being the perfect lover went off for Xossips in nude kajal while to set the stage and returned after Xossips in nude kajal 10 mins or so … And had also put on the songs ….

And Kajal had swinging to them in the kitchen when he returned and put his hands on her bare waist …. What a feeling it is when one is dancing to the songs softly swinging the waist and ur love comes over Xossips in nude kajal holds you from waist ….

Kajal turned towards him and hugged him tight and started kissing his neck and shoulders …. While he was feeling Kajal's back and doing the slow dance with her …. Xossips in nude kajal nice romantic dances really turn her on ….

Married and looking in mitla the lead and sensing the turned on her … He lifted her and Kajal wrapped her legs around him like a baby ….

He walked across to the house Audrey tautou fake nude took her to the balcony … While he was opening the door …. Kajal asked him where are you taking me ….

Xossips in nude kajal he mentioned surprise sexy babe …. When he opened the door … Kajal saw a mattress kept there with another bottle of wine and a glass with flowers sprinkled all over … The romantic babe in her started kissing him wildly … And he got a surprise with her sudden reflex ….

He gave a solid kiss back and then put her down on mattress …. And Kajal whispered …. Aaj open balcony mein karne ka mann hai lagta hai …. And started giggling …. He responded …. Just loved the same …. Slowly they downed wine and they both were running high with passion and wine adding to the same …. In that position …. They started kissing each other.

Kajal was kissing his lips, moving to neck and shoulders … And leaving her love bites on his shoulders … While at the same time … He was sucking her earlobes and kissing her neck ….

Slowly he made his move and rolled off her sports bra off her …. Making her topless …. With her boobs pressing into his chest … And the cool air having its Xossips in nude kajal on her nipples …. Making them rise and he was no less …. Making her lie down and attacking her boobs with his lips …. He really knows how to treat her boobs and nipples and makes her really drip with wetness down there …. Just love the way when he works on her nipples ….

His lips, tongue and finger tips …. Were making her really hot …. And crazy …. He went down slowly to her navel and started biting her waist too …. That really gives her a kick …. And Xossips in nude kajal was getting difficult for her to hold on more …. In another few minutes …. My shorts were off and since Kajal had nothing inside ….

Kajal was completely naked in her open balcony under the stars …. And the moment he kissed her down there vibrations started rising inside her and his tongue started doing magic inside her pussy …. Kajal relaxed a bit and slowly got on top of him and straight away came to the business and started sucking his balls …. While her hand was feeling his dick …. Slowly Kajal started licking his dick full length …. And then focused only on the dick head ….

Rolling her tongue all around it …. Slowly Kajal took it in her mouth and started giving him a blowjob …. And he was moaning a bit trying to control his volume …. She slowly increased her pace while giving a deep throat to him …. And rolling her tongue around his dick head …. And after some minutes Kajal could feel his dick throbbing ….

And he released everything in her mouth …. And she tried to swallow as much as possible …. A bit dripped out of her mouth and fell on her boobs …. They cleaned up a bit and then lied next to each other and started kissing passionately and he started rising all over again …. Kajal started rubbing her pussy on his dick to make it more n more hard and at the same time to turn herself on with it rubbing her clit also …. When he was hard ….

He got on her and started entering her and Kajal was moaning in excitement …. And slowly he was completely inside her and started making long stroked inside her wet pussy …. Kajal love the way he strokes … … Slowly at his own sweet pace and then all of a sudden will increase it …. And as excitement grows Kajal match his stroke to stroke …. At the same time her finger nails were either scratching his back or caressing it … Excitement was rising within her big Triple couples swinger videos and Kajal shivered and had her orgasm while he continued ….

And continued …. They were locked in a deep passionate kiss and Kajal could sense him increasing his speed and also could feel him throbbing a bit …. Kajal also increased her speed and came all over again ….

And still kept going on with the motions and slowly his throbbing increased and he released all his sperms inside her …. Love the feeling of the hot liquid inside her … … And they lay next to each other with him still inside her and they kissing each other and her caressing his hairs … … Such a lovely feeling it was …. And they covered themselves with blanket after cleaning Xossips in nude kajal a bit and slept hugging each other …. Kajal amazed how he surprises her with some minor surprises for Xossips in nude kajal love making sessions … And she just loved doing it in the balcony and am sure neighbors might have heard a bit of action ….

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