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As the history books can tell you, was a year of strife for the United States. America laid torn at its seams as more than 16, troops died that year in an unjust war, all-the-while the deathly, ironclad grip of segregation claimed the life of the beloved pastor and Civil Rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr.

As the country erupted in riots and protests throughout the year, our best and brightest athletes took to Mexico City that October to compete in the 19th Olympiad. Alongside fellow American John Carlos, the two raised their fists to show solidarity with people fighting for human rights around the globe, and in turn, creating one of the most iconic moments of the 20th century. What some may not have known is that right before stepping onto that podium, Smith removed his PUMA Suedes Puma black history month pack a pair of black socks to further protest the games, and those who Playing with my wife pussy supported the countries that were denying rights to blacks around the world.

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