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It contains wife swapping and infidelity so if this is not to you liking be forewarned. Not sure how you can keep cranking out these gems. A long time ago, I read a really hot story which I Older couple seduces newlyweds you can replicate as only you can.

The story centers around two Older couple seduces newlyweds, a newlywed couple and an older couple where the man Jim Duncan was the boss of the husband of the new bride. What the newlyweds did not know was the Older couple seduces newlyweds and Roberta Duncan were swingers. So, when the Duncans invited the younger pair over for drinks, there was an opportunity for the younger twosome to try and impress the boss and his wife.

Here's what happens: On that first night together, the Duncans seduce their guests. Roberta fucks the husband while her husband, Jim, slowly seduces the young girl. She winds up being forced to suck his mammoth cock and drain him dry. He deliberately holds off fucking her, saving that for another time. The Duncans have plans to "party" with this gorgeous young girl with a perfect ass without her husband Older couple seduces newlyweds. So, as it happens, when Richard the young husband is out of town on business, Roberta invites Cathy over one evening.

Jim and Roberta Duncan proceed to seduce Cathy, with Jim ultimately taking Cathy's virgin assholewith Older couple seduces newlyweds assist from his wife, Roberta. Walter, I know that you would enjoy writing this. How you can keep producing these hot gems is beyond Older couple seduces newlyweds. Jim reminded Cathy that they had to make a good impression on the Duncans as it would be essential to his career. It would be their first impression and he didn't Mariah spice coed cherry to blow it.

Richard was a hard working young man and he would do anything Jim Duncan required of him. He liked working for Jim and he was convinced that he would be successful with the firm as long as he didn't screw up along the way. Richard was a handsome at the age of 26 years and his wife Cathy was drop dead gorgeous. Richard stood at 5'11" and weighed a fit pounds. Cathy was a catch and at 24 years old she possessed a marvelous figure.

She had great legs and an absolutely killer ass. She often heard comments about it when men whispered around her. Cathy always wore tight fitting skirts and slacks that emphasized her asset however it was when she wore her bikini that she got the most attention.

Richard was a considerate lover and he loved to play with his wife's hot body. He possessed an average size penis and it seemed to suit Cathy fine. It was his foreplay that really made their love making special and Richard would take his time with Cathy getting her very hot before they made love. Richard loved to lick Cathy's pussy but he loved Older couple seduces newlyweds and tonguing her ass even more. They had never had anal sex except for Richard worshipping his wife's ass and that was as far as Cathy let it go.

As they dressed for their evening out at the Duncan's home, Cathy was a Older couple seduces newlyweds nervous. She didn't know why but she was uncomfortable in the presence of Roberta Duncan even though she had only met her once.

Cathy Older couple seduces newlyweds also intimidated by Jim Older couple seduces newlyweds who was handsome and successful man of 38 years. Jim Duncan stood at 6'3" tall and he was very fit. When he first shook Cathy's hand she was unnerved by the size of his hand as it held hers snugly. Cathy recalled the old wives tale; big hands indicate a big cock. Cathy didn't know why she thought of that analogy but it made her nervous. She had even dipped an oily finger into his anus Older couple seduces newlyweds tease him.

Now she had him turn on his back and as he did his impressive thick 9" cock stood tall. Roberta smiled as his cock waved in the air but she ignored it for the moment. Roberta massaged Jim's shoulders and chest before making her way past his loins and erect cock. She massaged this quads and lower legs and Older couple seduces newlyweds worked her way back up to his loins.

Roberta poured more oil on her hands and then took Jim's cock in one hand and his balls in the other. She stroked up and down until she was sure that he was about to cum. It's your turn to give me a massage," she directed. Roberta and Jim changed places and Roberta lay on their bed face up.

Jim poured oil on his hands and then went about massaging Older couple seduces newlyweds teasing Roberta.

He started at her neck and quickly moved to her firm tits and hard nipples. He let the nipples slide through his fingers as he massaged Roberta's great tits. Older couple seduces newlyweds he worked his way down bypassing her pussy on purpose and massaged her quads and calves.

Older couple seduces newlyweds worked his way back up and then he played with Older couple seduces newlyweds pussy.

He massaged around her vulva and then let Older couple seduces newlyweds finger dip inside her pussy. Jim then added a second and third finger to Roberta's sopping wet pussy causing her to groan loudly. Roberta moved her legs apart as a signal for Jim to eat her. He lowered his mouth to her pussy and ate her through multiple orgasms and by the time Roberta pushed his head away his face was drenched with her love nectar.

Jim smiled at his pretty shapely blonde wife and then rolled her over on the bed. Jim poured more oil on his hands and worked it in to Roberta's body. He worked his way down from her shoulders to her Older couple seduces newlyweds. He massaged her back and hamstrings but purposely bypassed her buttocks.

Then he worked his way back up to her buttocks and began to massage her curvy ass. Roberta loved to Older couple seduces newlyweds her ass massaged and she cooed as Jim worked his magic. Jim then lifted her by the hips so that her ass was in the air.

He then inserted a very oily finger in her anus and probed deeply. Jim then added fingers to Roberta's pussy and finger fucked both her ass and pussy at the same time. Roberta just groaned with pleasure. I love it when you finger my pussy and ass together," she sighed. Jim then removed his fingers and climbed up on the bed behind Roberta. She knew what was coming next and she relaxed her ass to accept his big cock. Jim eased his cock into Roberta's ass slowly but steadily until he was all the way in.

Then he began to fuck her incredible ass watching his cock slide in and out. Jim was turned on and ready to blow his load so he knew he wouldn't last long. A couple of more strokes and he shoved Older couple seduces newlyweds cock all the way in her ass and held it there as he came.

Jim fired a huge load into Roberta's ass and she could feel each warm stream shoot into her. Roberta used her talented anal muscles to milk Jim's cock dry as she Halli aston porn star cum flood her rectum.

Roberta eased herself down on the table and Jim followed keeping his cock in her asshole. They remained still for several moments Super hot mature amateur milf then Jim lifted himself off of Roberta and his dick slipped from her ass.

I love the massage foreplay and I Fat lady showing belly it when you cum in my ass," Roberta gasped. If you can get Richard to fuck you that Older couple seduces newlyweds be great but I'm going to take it slow with his hot wife," Jim answered.

Then I can try to get her to suck my cock in retaliation for Richard's misbehaving," Jim mused out loud. Now let's get some sleep and rest up for an adventurous day tomorrow," Roberta suggested. They kissed good night and then went to Older couple seduces newlyweds thinking about the possibilities of seducing the newlyweds.

Jim thanked them for the wine and invited the young couple into their home. Jim led Richard into the family room where the bar was located and Richard was impressed with the spectacular room. He had never seen a room so large and so well furnished.

Of course Richard and Cathy had no idea that Jim and Roberta were swingers and that they had hosted a number of parties in that very room. Just then Roberta and Cathy returned and entered the family room. Duncan, you home is incredible," Cathy said Older couple seduces newlyweds her awe of the house.

I can make pretty much anything," Jim offered. Cathy surveyed the massive bar and said, "I'm sure that you can. I'll have a white wine please. Jim opened a bottle of French wine and served it to the ladies. Cathy sipped it and she loved it. She had never tasted a white wine that good and she was sure that it was expensive.

Kelli mccarty sucking dick didn't bother to ask what kind it was a she knew she would never spend that much on a bottle of wine. Then she almost felt embarrassed about the wine that they had brought for the Duncans. Richard and Cathy sat in one sofa as Jim and Roberta sat in the one facing them.

The four of them engaged in pleasant conversation as they enjoyed their drinks. They told each other a little bit about themselves, how they met and so forth. Cathy became relaxed with the couple but she still sensed that something was not quite right.

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