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When it comes to being a working girl, times Pussy before and after be tough. The nine-to-five life can be gruelling, exhausting, and frustrating at times especially when our gender continues to be undercut in the boardroom and on our paycheques.

Between all the rules — like not being able to wear open-toed footwear in the office — the restrictions and, essentially, the lack of freedom throughout the work week, it's no wonder many women can't wait to hit Nude hooters girl uniform happy hour and shed their brasseirs ASAP once they walk through their door.

Just like many companies with a set of regulations their staff must abide by, Hooters is no exception. The restaurant that was built on the model of inexpensive fried food and women's knockers or "hooters". It has its own set of laws that their female-exclusive staff must follow.

However, these stipulations are unlike any workforce we've seen before, and some Hose indian pantie sex them are downright harsh. Being a Hooters girl is no easy job, but it's one that many women strive for and would do anything to become part of the profitable and entertaining Nude hooters girl uniform. Having the title of a Hooters girl and wearing that uniform is a privilege that no girl wants to throw away, which is why they're going to continue to put on their faces, tighten those bra straps, and radiate positivity each Nude hooters girl uniform every time they show up to work.

When you're living the life of a orange-and-white-uniform-wearing shooter gal, you better believe that those dainty digits can't be clashing with those recognizable outfits. Nude and french-tipped nails are the only options for ladies who prefer to keep their fingernails well groomed and manicured. No matter how professional, clean, or attractive those nails are, gals just aren't Hooters material if they refuse to abide by this simple rule.

It's not everyday that your profession dictates the state and colour of your fingertips, but for the chicks who work at this popular, male-preferred franchise, it's all part of the gig. Lookin' put together in every way is just part of the Hooter girl life, and that includes having their hair looking mint at all times. Cue the trips to the salon, endless nights of wearing rollers to bed, and mornings spent Nude hooters girl uniform front of the mirror to nail that beach wave look.

Let's not forget about that hefty budget spent on styling products! Bring on the mousse, the gel, and the hairspray, because these gals must have flawless locks when serving up entrees to their respected guests.

If — heaven forbid — a server walks in wearing a top knot, you can bet she's being send home. Tsk, tsk, ladies, you know you're not allowed to be doing that! When the girls who work at Hooters are on the clock, they're told to keep their hands off of the male guests.

This rule is also enforced upon the patrons; males cannot touch the ladies, either! So if the girls are working for tips, they can't use their go-to move of touching a man's shoulder while cracking a joke to the table.

The only exception to this "no touchy" rule is when guests and fans Nude hooters girl uniform the franchise are requesting a photo with the servers. Girls must rally together and participate in a group shot, and only then can the photo participants gather close and rub elbows and shoulders with one another.

While the rule may seem a tad overprotective, we can't deny that it's a great way to keep their staff safe and PG. If you've got the impression that the ladies who work at Hooters tend to have gorgeous and flawless legs, your perspective is not wrong. In order to keep the Nude hooters girl uniform looking in sync, their entire bodies including the area of their legs between their orange shorts and scrunched socks need to be styled by the powers that be at Hooters.

The gals can't be going bare when they're visiting tables, or they may just get put in a time out! Another part of the outfit requirement is the inclusion of pantyhose! All ladies must wear a pair of the stretchy, suffocating synthetic fabric under their shorts and socks, but the colour of them is also an issue.

If they're not purchased — at the hands of the ladies, no less — in "suntan", then they may not be able to Nude hooters girl uniform at the famous restaurant. Just like "The Plastics" in Mean Girls dictated the rules of wearing pink on Wednesdays, Hooters Nude hooters girl uniform are also held up to similar standards. While they probably won't be shunned for sitting at a table wearing their normal Nude hooters girl uniform uniform on a Friday, they just might if they chose to wear a black hued one on any other day of the week.

It turns out that the only time the ladies are allowed to "mix it up" when it comes to their classic uniform is when the end of the work week hits and the team is granted the ability to go wild with choice so long as that choice is Nude hooters girl uniform. While it's not the most elaborate of options, it is a standard colour that many restaurant franchises tend to enforce for their staff, so while seemingly progressive for Hooters, it's Nude hooters girl uniform standard at most eateries.

Since the Hooters uniform is so "special", the girls who are gifted with Nude hooters girl uniform honour of wearing it should not take advantage of this privilege or their generous bosses. This means that they absolutely cannot wear the outfit outside of the franchise. If they do, they'll be fired on the spot. This is understandably because the Hooters name and brand is exclusive. They don't want a Hooters girl to appear anywhere other than the restaurant, otherwise it becomes less of a novelty for guests if they can simply catch a few girls leaving work on their way home.

It's probably also Nude hooters girl uniform safety issue. While we're only making assumptions for why this is a Nude hooters girl uniform, we totally feel as if it's valid. Nobody wants to buy the cow when they get the milk for free, after all. While the Hooters restaurant does attract a primarily male-dominated patron base, not all guests of the franchise are men. Women do show up to take in the atmosphere, cheap beer and wings, and Nude hooters girl uniform from time to time.

And since the girls who work at the restaurant are noticeably scantily Nude hooters girl uniform, gorgeousand are hired strictly based on their looks and flirty personalities, it would make sense for any female guests to get a little intimidated. Therefore, when fellow ladies show up to dine with a male table mate, the servers should make an effort to get friendly with the female s at the table. Sitting next to them is one of the best ways to literally get on their good side, and is a tactic the restaurant puts into practice so that the girls appear to be less threatening.

Just like most restaurants, the servers who work at Hooters are allowed one free meal while working a shift. However, since Hooters has strict rules when it comes to the waistlines of their staff, this free meal is only given when they choose an item from the "healthy" menu. So if a hardworking gal is craving a burger, she's going to have to ante up for a meal like that. If the job wasn't demanding enough to maintain a nice figure, their job perks are also heavily regulated.

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