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  1. Yes, give me your naughty, your strange, your taboo. i ll embrace it all 3

  2. shame on you both. she was married. she was betraying on her husband .shame on you ryan driller= m. jamali

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If you are a guy and you live in my neighborhood, you may be tired of your wife pointing me out as an exemplary husband. Blame my wife and mother. My mother was always complimented on my cleanliness and my quiet and respectful demeanor.

They would point at me and tell their sons that I did not expect an allowance. My pocket money came from a part-time job. Why was I such a paragon? If my behavior deviated from her expectations, she spanked me. My dad never disciplined me. He too was an exceptionally kempt, courteous and helpful man. Now I realize mom probably spanked him too. Harvard offered me a scholarship that paid for everything.

Reading the letter from the university, I thought that maybe my mom had been right. Spanking Farmers wife spanked me was for my own good.

Jeanne came into my life in law school. I was studying corporate law. Her ambition was to become a district attorney. We got jobs in the same city and married. On the weekends I did not shave. For those two days, I would wear old clothes never bothering to tuck in the shirttail. Mostly I sipped beer and lazed Farmers wife spanked me the house. Jeanne seemed a bit miffed. I figured my wife would get over it.

Some of her complaints were silly anyway. Surely, she could Farmers wife spanked me the toilet lid if I left it upright. Then mom came for a visit. Visibly my mother did not approve of my slackness on weekends.

Free from fear of her hairbrush, mom could get over it as well. Mom and Jeanne seemed to talk a lot. I figured that was normal. My wife and mother were fast becoming friends. I had been proud and relieved that my wife took self-defense classes.

It would destroy me if anything bad happened to Jeanne. My wife put those lessons to unexpected use. One Saturday when I opened my first beer Farmers wife spanked me snatched it from my hand. Then she … I never have understood exactly what followed. With a couple of instantaneous violent motions, she had me over her lap. Suddenly my wife was Farmers wife spanked me me. I knew that sensation. Jeanne was spanking me with a hairbrush.

I cried like a baby. Jeanne kept on spanking. After the spanking, we had a talk. My wife did all of the talking. No more beer. No more sloppy clothes. I was going to do at least my share of the housework. Anytime she felt my behavior was inappropriate she would subject me to another session with the hairbrush. When I looked at the Farmers wife spanked me that had been beating into my backside, I noticed that it look old and used.

It looked just like Farmers wife spanked me hairbrush mom used to spank me. It Farmers wife spanked me was the Farmers wife spanked me brush. Mom must have brought it Farmers wife spanked me her. Farmers wife spanked me she had told Jeanne how to control my misbehavior. Later when I saw my mother, she gave me the most mocking smile.

She must have thought it funny that even as an adult I needed a woman to discipline. Meet a Mistress or Dominatrix. My wife has me under her thumb. Or at least her hairbrush. There is never a week when she does not spank me. Whether because spanking me is fun or just to keep me mindful? I cannot tell. Probably for both reasons. Exemplary story, I am convinced that all men should be educated from children under the authority of mothers and sisters, and then continue to be governed and controlled by their wives.

My Purenudism family mini model converting also gives me at least a beating every week, usually I end up crying and pleading mercy under the punishment, but I have learned to no wondering if she beats me Farmers wife spanked me fun or for any other reason, after all, it is not my business; the only thing I have perfectly clear is that the only thing I can do is humbly thank her for taking the time to make Farmers wife spanked me a better man.

Hi I am in same situation. My wife spanks me weekly for maintance and on the spot when needed. She learned all from my step mom. I was never once spanked Farmers wife spanked me my mother.

I married young and at twenty my mother in law had asked me if my mother ever took my pants down and spanked me? When I told her it had never happened she said that explained a lot. After several warnings about my behavior she cornered me after a long scolding quite Farmers wife spanked me had my pants down with me over her knee.

I was crying and pleading and promising to be good. That only happened once but my wife has Farmers wife spanked me up the hair brush and often threatens to call her mom, that settles any arguements.

My wife took me over her knee for Farmers wife spanked me very first time on our wedding night. She caught me coming out of the shower and took me over to the hotel bed, sat down and in one quick motion had be bottoms up over her naked knee as her big, heavy, warm naked breasts rested on my back. After she tanned my hiney she put me on my back on the bed and mounted me in a 69 position to our mutual satisfaction.

I love it when my wife spanks me but she never remembers to stay on top of things she will do it and it might 2 months before it comes up again how can I motivate her. She said she get spanked with bath brushes, or a belt and was sore for two days or so. During our engagement I heard her mother tell he to spank me after we were married. The last time we were over there she again asked and Mary said no. Dear old mom said either spank him now or lift your dress and get over the desk with panties down.

Mary began to cry. Mary took off my pants and I went over the desk. Mary began hitting me with a bath brush. Her mother stopped her and had me drop and step out of my underpants. Hit him like I spanked you or over you will go. Mary began to light up my rear ended. It hurt so much I forgot my embarrassment. Then her mother got a belt and used it on me.

I hurt for two days. Mary said when her mother was strapping me she came in her panties watching and that mom told her to keep me in panties all the time. My wife was both a teacher and a school principal for many years. She did not like spanking students, but she did so when she thought it was Farmers wife spanked me. Shortly after we were married my mother-in-law told me I should spank roger regularly. I ignored it until one day at dinner ather home she asked and I said I had not.

She told him get your pants off. Mom he sId. Do it or else. He did it. He laid across a desk and she began with abathbrush.

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