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My ma, pa, brothers, sisters, grandpa, grandma and uncle, plus, Barnyard farm girl sex few farm hands live on the premises Hotsex chat picture share well. My brother Fred once fucked one of the sheep.

It all started when I was about 14, I saw Wilbur, one of Barnyard farm girl sex farm hands, stripping off his shirt.

I wanted him, right then and there, out in the fields. I went running home, washed off all my private parts, dressed in my jean shorts that barely covered my swelling ass, and Barnyard farm girl sex new halter top with a cotton shirt Barnyard farm girl sex it. I got him a glass of water and ran out to the fields again.

Pa and everyone else were heading in to help with the cow that was going to deliver her new little calf, at any moment. Wilbur was just going to follow them, but I shouted at him. Thought it looked like ya need something, out here in the sun.

I was already taking my shirt off, showing him my white halter underneath. They filled out my top nicely. I lay back on the ground, my knees opening and closing, showing Wilbur a pure straight forward view of my cunt. Sort of like ya ma. I like ya long dark hair, especially. Slowly, I undid the zipper, revealing that he wanted me as much as I wanted him. I pulled down his pants, while he quietly protested.

Gradually Wilbur lowered himself to the ground to be with me. Barnyard farm girl sex stripped out of my clothing, while Wilbur watched and petted himself.

Now come back down here so I can touch it. I lay on the ground and Wilbur got on top of me, so he could play with my tits. His relatively average cock, rubbed up against my pussy, which was ready and waiting for him to enter me.

So stick it up in Barnyard farm girl sex. I wanted to ride you like a bull. Wilbur rolled over, with me on top of him. My body like a feather to him; he lifted me up and planted his dick in my cunt. I hollered at the pain of my virginity being taken. I laughed and agreed with him.

I bounced up and down Barnyard farm girl sex his 5 inches, letting it get out of my cunt, and then slamming it back into my cunt. His hands were busy pinching and playing with my bouncy tits. I came like a bitch in heat, when he started flicking my clit. He cummed moments later, and I loved the sensation it spurting into my cervix. I got off of him, with his dick still spurting cum. Lowering my mouth to it, I caught some of his cum in my mouth. I lick his cock after he was Barnyard farm girl sex. You may not duplicate or copy any portion of this site without permission.

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