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Well now Pat if health and safety come in here they won't be pleased you didn't issue a warning about that big axe do you know the considerable damage you could Princess leia slave nude to poor princess's Leia hair buns you could ruin her look for a whole Princess leia slave nude. I think you should issue a caveat, you never know who's reading your blog and you could be encouraging the wrong type of thing here.

And don't get me started on the image below, that poor girl could have a serious injury. Warnings Pat it's all about the warnings Princess i mean Pat.

You have a responsibility here as the owner of this little blog to protect the princess's of this world against this kind of behavior. You are correct of course! I had never considered the health implications of the dangers of photoshopped images being put in close conjunction with photos of 3D models! Some impressionable Gammorean may read this!

Post a Comment. A question that this image implies: if the inhabitants of Sodom engaged in Sodomy, is having sex with a Gommorean Gammoramy? In the fake shown here, the faker had Princess leia slave nude match Princess leia slave nude key elements: a vidcap of Leia's face from Return of the Jedi, a photo of a bondage model, and a photo of a 3D model of a Gammorean guard.

Getting these three images to come even CLOSE to looking like a single image had to have been very difficult. The photo of the bondage model, I think, was a much cleaner and sharper image than the vidcap. The faker had to make her body look grainy enough to match the face, it could not have been an easy task.

Making the Gammorean model look realistic enough to match the other two elements had to have been a Princess leia slave nude. Or at least, a Gammorean. Kudoes to the artist whomeover it is, becuase in the first few seconds that you look at the Dirty hot jeep girls it does look like a naked, collared, shackled, manacles Slave Leia straining against the leash of her Gammorrean guard.

That's an impressive feat. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

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