People had asked me to take a look at one of my signature photos. So people said, can we see more detail of this petticoat A vintage treasure. I love the pose, and these are the same shoes.

They are suede with tiny pussy cat bows and plastic. The petty is satin, Pantyhose open toe sexy net and has polka dots. You can see my black panties. I shot this recently. I would never part with this petticoat. I said I loved them so much, I would put them in a museum display case. Oh no, the plastic cracked and they are trashy now, and gone. I am not a sissy.

I am married mistress. Sitting down, long leg shot. Same French camisole. Patent open toes, stockings, Not nude but sheer pantyhose. Pussy cat bows on heels. After dangling in high heels, Pantyhose open toe sexy Witchy Pantyhose open toe sexy looks so tasty in pantyhose!! I am wearing pantyhose that are very silky from my thighs to my toes.

I lot of guys want to get into my panties. I am gonna highlight these heels in this pic. If you look close they have a beaded pattern on them, plus being peep toe I figure they went well with this outfit.

Here is a good top to toe look at my outfit and how it all goes together. Let me know if you like this coordination. Here is a front view top to toe of my outfit. For this pic I'd like to point out how my top and skirt go so well together! I was very happy with this look Now I just hope you are too!

Tags pantyhose toes. Related groups — pantyhose Pantyhose open toe sexy View all Pantyhose for Men - Mantyhose. Toes pokes through. Male toes in hose. Tight Shiny Pantyhose and Spandex Only. View all All Photos Tagged pantyhose toes. Schwarze pumps die mir passen ;- by highheelpantyhose. Schwarze pumps die mir passen ;- mit pantyhose, nylon feet. My vintage petticoat by Sugar Barre.

Kiss my boy and friends. Me, in bed, close up my new stockings with butterfly tattoo. So, I just put my foot up on my knee and shot the design on new pantyhose, i love em Love these hose Nude body, with this one design on only one leg I'm not sure they will last long???

I am not a tv, cd, crossdresserbut many of my friends are. Kiss my boy and girls. Me and Me This top is lingerie, I didn't wear it under the white lace blouse. But same beautiful skirt. Me, Paris legs by Sugar Barre. My little black dress, with french pantyhose. The shoes are open toe lace too. I'm pulling up Pantyhose open toe sexy skirt to show my sexy slip. My hose have tiny dots on sheer nude back ground.

Red painted toes. Feeling rather frisky. I am so mad that men accuse me of being a dude. Nature made me. But, i have many admirers who are, and they are my friends. High Heel Pantyhose by highheelpantyhose. Nylon feet red toes by highheelpantyhose. Or should I wear these? Tip toes by Pantyhose open toe sexy Longlegs. Milf Witch teasing in pantyhose!! It American dad porno gif an amazing sesion of my Halloween Pantyhose open toe sexy Trasparenze Pennac Cosmetic full fashion pantyhose with heels and skirt.

Ballerinas Pantyhose by highheelpantyhose. No Nonsense basic Sheer to Waist black pantyhose. Just a simple top to toe look at this outfit! Lots of toe cleavage in these slides. Toes in Hose by Tina Dupree. You know it has indeed been a while.

Hope you enjoy! Tina xxoo. DSCN by dddz.

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