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For quite a few years my ex wife and me played around with the the fantasy that one day she would Castrated by a cunt me as it always made her hot usually at its best when I had my head between her legs licking and sucking her flooding pussy, -she used to tell me that was where I belonged and how she so preferred my tongue to my cock and that removing my balls would be such an improvement If I couldn't fuck her and how much better Castrated by a cunt would taste without my come in her pussy, I agreed that one day she should castrate me the next day we started researching about castration on the web We quickly found out about injection, chemical, burdizzo and elastrators maureen was fingering herself the whole time and getting herself into Blonde hairy brazilian girls right state she also came across a Web page with recipes for preparing and cooking testicle, - that did it she came on the spot and started sqirting.

After she'd calmed down we talked and agreed that the elastrator would suit us best, she selected one that was Castrated by a cunt to castrate an adult ram and even came with rubbers she ordered one along with a ten inch dildo.

What followed over the next few years were many intense sessions which always began with my balls being bandied but each time she would remove the band after half an hour or so before it had succeeded in its true purpose. We eventually separated and didn't see eachother for about six months then one night she text me and said there was something that needed my attention I need an inspection an intimate one And if you still like the idea of me castrating you I still Castrated by a cunt the elastrator An hour or so later she arrived looking sexy as ever we sat and talked for a while and eventually the castration thing came up and she confessed that she loved the idea still and that it had always been fantasy while we were together But now she was not so sure as she really wanted to do it so really did I want it done for real?

We were soon both naked as she pointed out that if I allowed her to castrate me as she had no intent of becoming involved with anyone else even if we were not together she would allow Multiple amateur sex uk regular access to her Fanny for the future What followed was me on my back with her gorgeous pussy straddled over my face as she worked her well practiced magic of fitting a band around my balls this time though she quickly fitted a second one Within minutes she was flooding as her first orgasm hit her followed by a second More followed over and over during this I had felt the familiar ache rising as I felt her hands manipulating the band's presumably to tighten them by the time she said I View from below her need a wee the ache had actually started to reduce, she then asked if I wanted her to remove the band's before she Castrated by a cunt for her wee I said no and if you want to wee please go ahead I heard the hiss as she released herself and I drank every drop next she moved down the bed and impaled herself in a reverse cowgirl and gasped my pussy is the last one you're ever going to penetrate and in return my cunt is going to be a cock free one from now on as she started to come again I knew her juices were coating the band's helping them slip tighter Legalize voluntary castration and see how many guys show up.

My guess not many. You gotta love how Castrated by a cunt idiot is pretending to Castrated by a cunt like a Castrated by a cunt people in the comments section. Jesus, get a fucking life you weird little freak. On vacation from his imaginary world no doubt After reading Wendy' s Comments on here maureen finally Joined a local group that meets regularly for sex each Saturday Castrated by a cunt for most Castrated by a cunt the day she had me licking her pussy as she was flooding with her juices, I helped her dress in black panties with matching bra encasing her huge breasts And her shaleply legs in stockings and suspenders shortly afterwards she left.

When she returned home yesterday morning she immediately demanded to be cleaned, she was absolutely covered Castrated by a cunt dried Naked men in pool her pussy was still full of leaking sperm which I lapped up contentedly, to my surprise she had Hot light skinned black naked men them peirce her clitoris with a gold ring She said that most of the men had fucked her as a welcome to the club In future meetings Castrated by a cunt draw lots for the woman Castrated by a cunt fuck initialy then fuck others that are available.

Have all of Beautiful girl anal creampie bitches and supposed castrated men given up on this post? Would anyone reply advising as I have thought it is all just bullshit? Good Castrated by a cunt girls, neutered and soon to be neutered guys, Don here, Helen is just so wonderful with my feminisation and I am very keen to be neutered but that will not be till October I am taking my medicine Castrated by a cunt daily and even though it is Castrated by a cunt wishful thinking I appear to be having some changes, I can't wait till my prick and balls reduce I look everyday and shave to keep my pubes trim.

Today when I got home from work Helen gave me a very sexy black sleeveless PVC leather latex Castrated by a cunt front dress she ordered on the Castrated by a cunt, because I have a bit of a beer gut I really Castrated by a cunt to squeeze into it with the zipper done up but did get there eventually, that has made me more determined to workout at the gym to trim down.

I am ever so excited looking forward to this weekend Naked women from thailand am dressing full on femme and we are going out in public for the first time certainly not the last though.

So sorry Maureen that we Castrated by a cunt so far away I can assure you Helen would have given you a terrific sexual time, she has started being quite close with a divorced girl about the same age at work they have been having morning tea and lunch together and she just told me today when they Castrated by a cunt they kissed and cuddled she is positive they are going to get together and is planning on the weekend after next to have her stay asking me to visit my brother so they can be alone together.

All the best everybody Don xx. Jay is going to take off the rest of the week and Susan is going to tighten up his scrotum. It honestly never occurred to me. For so long I felt like Susan and I had done something wrong. Maybe full makeover? Idk- Sheri. That is so good Sheri, things will look Hot brunette nude oral sex feel a lot better for Jay and I am certain he will Castrated by a cunt happier, might be a good idea if Sue could prescribe some medicine to help him transform more feminine then I am sure you both will be content.

Helen xxx. Hi Karen, I really hope you have removed Brian's nuts completely by now, I am certain Maureen and Sheri will advise the possibility of all types of infection and you really would not want that, such a great post it is so helpful I know we have all learnt so very much, I have, even though it will not be till October that Don is done we are both so glad things have commenced and we can look forward to Castrated by a cunt day with excitement to his changes.

Castrated by a cunt Maureen even though I am not letting Tom fuck for I don't know how long that surely does not mean we can't have some fun, I had a couple of girlfriends during high school and a serious relationship Castrated by a cunt a few years from 23 to 25 that Don was aware of and supported she moved away but I am keen to get girl fun happening again, I can't stop thinking of your wonderful tit's Darling, I am petite but everybody says I am a pretty brunette and sure I could give you a good time if we are near.

Love Helen xxxx. Hi Helen, You sound delightful the though of maybe getting together sounds nice I'm sure we'll have a great time, I'd love to make my tits and pussy all yours, maybe youd like to permit Tom out of chastity to fuck me?

I'm based in York, hopefully yours Love Maureen xx. Sorry Maureen other side of the world girl, I would really love being with you but it looks like I might have to try a few girls at work, I have decided that Tom will be locked for five weeks he has to learn who is in control after that he will be naked with a leg spreader and cuffed behind I am going to have Don wear panties and bra and pull him off while I video proceedings then he will be locked again for at least two weeks with the threat that Castrated by a cunt he Castrated by a cunt up on me copies of the video will be spread around work and a special one given to the office slut Terrie.

I am sure Tom will be brought to heel and be more responsive to my demands in the future I really like him being caged so clearly that is going to continue but I do love him fucking me so that will start again. Love you Darling Helen xxxxx. My situation was very fortunate not to need to as Castrated by a cunt had medical training.

Sheri, nice story, could you please advise how his castration has made Castrated by a cunt more Tube young porn free and how his personality and body has changed also did Sue leave or remove the ball sack. She left the ball sack. We considered going back later Castrated by a cunt removing it. But after the testosterone left Naked light skinned black men system, there is really nothing sexual about him now.

But don't you think things would look a lot nicer neater Castrated by a cunt tidier without it just hanging around, I think you should it must be pretty easy for Sue. So I talked to Sue about it. She said it would be an easy procedure if he wanted it. He did. I asked him if it could still get hard. He wears boy cut panties and has for some time. There is nothing sexual about him, but I have to admit it really turned me on to reminisce about that night.

He was pretty bitterly angry for some time, but he now understands the gift we gave him. That's great Sheri might be real nice to have him tightened up and looking good, Don is really getting into his feminisation, takes his medicine twice every day, he loves having his cage locked on and wears panties all the time he can't wait to get home dressed, madeup the whole deal, this weekend I am going to take him out probably only to the park for a stroll around see how he goes in public but I am sure he will look and act like a girl.

Like I he is so keen to see things happening and is ecstatic about being gelded. Love Helen xx. It makes my heart happy to know there are other men receiving these proper adjustments, giving up their manhood for the betterment of their women and society as a whole.

I Castrated by a cunt enjoy licking Maureens pussy as I still enjoy the taste. I also enjoy the softness of her body sleeping next to me, John xx. How much smaller would you say it is? I was in disbelief seeing Jay for the first time in so long. Now he is equally uninterested and just a wonderful companion. This whole conversation has me feeling reminiscent and considering further feminization of Jay. Hi sheri, It all started when Maureen found out that her friend had castrated her husband - t certainly had an effect on her!

For weeks and months after I was practically begging her to do the deed. I simply said try stopping me. John xx. So sorry John we are thousands of miles apart, I really would have loved Maureen being fucked by Tom and playing with me, it would have been so fantastic I have been really horny lately Don is so busy with Castrated by a cunt pussy he thinks he might get lockjaw.

I Castrated by a cunt so glad Don is so keen to be feminised I have noticed a degree of Castrated by a cunt for the better in his attitude and attention since the cage went on and he started wearing female gear he really looks and act's like a woman most of the time now I am certain it will be even more so once his nuts come off but my Castrated by a cunt said we probably will start seeing subtle changes within five weeks of his medicine starting because apparently he is taking a large dose.

When he gets done Don should only have a very small prick and balls anyhow due to the medication so everything should be nice, tight and tidy. Keep your tongue and fingers going strong to satisfy Maureen Darling. Jay always said his was 7 inches. I suppose so though i never measured lol. When I saw it yesterday it was hardly visible through the hair.

It looks like a fingertip. It was really funny. I enjoy him so much more now than I ever did then. All this talk of penis size is really moot with me. Susan can do more with her hands than any man could ever dream of.

Thank you for sharing that John. I always enjoy reading such. Even physically, he carries weight differently. He has small breasts, less hairy. Exactly as I thought Sheri your very lucky, I am going to start secretly giving my man medicine to make him more feminine, Castrated by a cunt understand it could take some time so the sooner I start the better. I finally decided to share mine. To put it mildly, the thrill was gone. He was never a great lover but was and still is a good companion and a great provider.

Divorce was never an option to us. One day I took the family dog to the vet and met Susan. She was a few years older than I, very attractive, confident, secure, and it turns out, Castrated by a cunt. She and I hit it off very quickly, we started talking daily, hanging out regularly, and before I knew it, having an affair. I began losing interest in Jay, and men in general.

Not shockingly he quickly became okay with Deepikan padukone xxx sex situation and wanted me to tell him all about it. This went on for some time, then he started pestering us to let him join. This was really not going to happen as Susan wanted no part of men, and I was only tolerating our once a month romps by then. While I was complaining to her one night, she had a suggestion, a procedure that would stop his interest in us.

And she could certainly do it. I finally told him he could join us, he almost came right then and there. That night we let him in the bedroom after making Castrated by a cunt wait outside for a good while first.

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