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From shocking mysteries to hilarious moments, the images can unearth some shocking stories from the Street View car journey. Other shots around the world are often staged as the famous Street View car drives by, resulting in some bizarre actions. There seems to be some water on the floor, underneath the woman, so the woman could be washing herself.

However, in a snap from down the road that is taken later the woman seems to have spotted the car. She seems to be holding her hand over her mouth in shock and looking at the car as it drives away. However, Google Street view appears to have been updated now - and the house is closed if you look on the app now.

Another Google Maps image that has caused shock is one that shows a man and a topless woman getting amorous on a beach. Two men, who were probably not planning on being photographed, are attempting to break into a car. Google has blurred their faces, and it not clear whether they continued with what they were doing or gave up and ran after the Google car drove by. Google Maps Street View Nude women in the street often catching people unawares, sometimes in Nude women in the street situations.

A woman didn't see the Street Car and was snapped totally naked on her porch. The woman is casually standing outside her home, without any clothes on at all. She's standing in front of a barbecue holding a large bottle on the floor.

A trolley sits in her front garden, with clothes hung over the edge of it. Play slideshow. Google Maps. Google Maps: The weird and wonderful things caught on camera. His hand is caught placed on her bottom as she leans Nude women in the street to kiss him. Another shows some thieves, hoping to get away with a crime. The image was caught on the streets of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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