Obesity is a medical condition in which there is too much fat in the body. This leads to the extra fat getting deposited around the waist line, hips, shoulders and chest. In case of obese people, the hands and legs also have a lot of fat. Obesity Fat lady showing belly not a desired condition and in many cases it is hereditary.

In such cases, these people eat less but have a slow metabolism rate sue to which the calories do not get burnt and hence, are stored in the body. Some people have a temporary phase in life when they put on weight because they eat a lot. This could be due to change in lifestyle or change of location. There are many diets available to reduce weight. Regular visits to the gym can help reduce a lot of weight. Following strict diet programs and adequate exercise can Fat lady showing belly wonders.

There are also diet programs launched by many health institutes which focus on eating proper nutritious food and following yoga.

This ensures that the body gets proper nutrition while losing the unwanted fat. Fat Couple. She probably wants to say something to her. Two Fat Ladies. Fat Woman in Bikini. Here are two funky looking fat girls. Both Fat lady showing belly pierced their noses and lips. One of them is wearing strawberry earrings. Funky Fat Girls. Here is a fat guy wearing a blue t-shirt and black sunglasses.

He is posing in the middle of the road. Fat Guy in Goggles. This fat Fat lady showing belly is sitting on the bike without a t-shirt. He has his mobile hanging Fat lady showing belly his neck. Fat guy on the Bike. This picture has a man wearing a grey t-shirt walking on the street. He has a paunch which is very visible. Man with a Paunch. Three Fat Guys. Here is a fat guy wearing a jacket and sitting on the bench in the park.

The jacket makes him look fatter. Guy in Jacket. Enjoying Life. Here are three drag racing fans walking together. The person in the center is really huge and tall. Drag Racing Fans. Tattooed Guy. This guy wears green pants and a dark pink t-shirt. Fat lady showing belly looks the intellectual kind with those glasses. Guy in Green pants. Here are two ladies smiling from ear to ear. They are here to see some kind of race.

They are enjoying their chillers. Smiling Ladies. In this picture, the fat mother parks the Fat lady showing belly on the side and she is checking Purenudism family mini model converting some painting that is kept outside. Fat Mom. Here is a fat lady wearing a grey t-shirt with a thin guy. She is just relaxing before starting her walk again. Sitting Down.

This is a picture of the fat guy singing and playing a guitar. He looks so engrossed in singing that song. Fat Guy Singing. Hungry Girl. Fat Backs. This fat man shows his huge belly in the picture. It looks like he has been guzzling down a lot of beer. Fat Man. When this man raises his hands Fat lady showing belly use his binoculars, his t-shirt pulls up to show his fat belly. Hands up Belly Out. Fat Guy Shopping. This zoo has three fat visitors. They are discussing their plan to action whilst they wait to enter the zoo.

Fat Visitors. This fat lady is preparing candies and filling them in plastic bags. She is an ideal friend for the kids. Fat Candy Lady. Cute baby. Here is a fat lady wearing a black outfit with grey pullover. Fat Lady in Black. Here are two fat mothers feeding their kids some drink. Fizzy drinks give unhealthy calories to the children.

Fattening up the Kids. Fat lady showing belly guy has pulled up his t-shirt and is showing his hanging belly. The shorts are neat and tidy. Fat Belly. This man wears a mask and proudly shows off his fat belly.

He is wearing specks on top Fat lady showing belly the mask. Man in Mask. Fat People on Barrel. Here is fat guy sitting on stool which is placed on the steps.

He has fallen asleep sitting on the stool. Sleeping Fat Guy. Fat Woman in Red. The person is making a quick painting of the fat lady.

There is another fat man who is looking while the painting is being made. Quick Painting. This fat person wears a jacket on a black t-shirt with yellow goggles.

He is holding a toy gun in his hand. Comic Con Fattyy. Fat Woman in Black. What a ridiculous post. Whoever thought this was enlightening or whatever must be very bored. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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