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Breast-conserving surgery BCS is a good option for many women with early-stage cancers. The main advantage is Ashley sage ellison shaved pussy a woman keeps most of her breast.

However, she will in most cases also need radiation therapy, given by a radiation oncologist a doctor who specializes in radiation. This type of surgery is typically done in an outpatient surgery center, and an overnight stay in the hospital usually is not needed. Most women should be fairly functional after going home and can often return to their regular activities within 2 weeks.

Some women may need help at home depending on how extensive their surgery was. Ask a member of your health care team how to care for your surgery site and affected arm. Usually, you and your caregivers will get written instructions about care after surgery. These instructions may include:. During the BCS, the surgeon will Breast cancer treatments lumpectomy to remove all the cancer, plus some surrounding normal tissue.

After surgery is complete, a doctor, called a pathologist, will look closely at the tissue that was removed in the lab. If the pathologist finds no cancer cells at any of the edges of the removed tissue, it is said to have negative or clear margins. If microscopic cancer cells are found at the edges of the tissue, it is said to have close or positive margins. Having positive margins means that some cancer cells may still be in the Breast cancer treatments lumpectomy after surgery, Breast cancer treatments lumpectomy the surgeon may need to go back and remove more tissue.

This operation is called Breast cancer treatments lumpectomy re-excision. If cancer cells are still found at the edges of the removed tissue after the second surgery, a mastectomy may be needed. Before Breast cancer treatments lumpectomy surgery, talk to your breast surgeon about how breast-conserving surgery might change the look of your breast.

The larger the portion of breast removed, the more likely it is that you will see a change in the shape of the breast afterward. If your breasts look very different after surgery, it may be possible to have some type of reconstructive surgery or to have the size of the unaffected breast reduced to make the breasts more symmetrical even.

It may even be possible to have this done during the initial surgery. Most women will need radiation therapy to the breast after breast-conserving surgery.

Sometimes, to make it easier to aim the radiation, small metallic clips which will show Breast cancer treatments lumpectomy on x-rays may be placed inside the breast during surgery to mark the area. Many women will have hormone therapy after surgery to help lower the risk of the cancer coming back. Some women might also need chemotherapy after surgery.

If so, radiation therapy and hormone therapy are usually delayed until the chemotherapy is completed.

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