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Just two months Naked in the subburbs I had my first lesbian sex. I would not say that I am a lesbian but it is fun and naughty. It all started when my hubby's brother and his wife were visiting. We went to a seedy little pub the other side of the town. It was every thing I hated about pubs, smoky, full of rowdy lads and girls dressed in very little, altogether a bit unpleasant.

To make matters worse a wet tee shirt compaction was announced and Jenny tried to persuade me to enter with her. The men joined in the chorus of persuasion until I nearly gave in. Luckily they announced the end of entries. The men ogled the whole performance with Jenny egging them on. I sat with my back to the stage feeling uncomfortable.

I did glance at the final line-up and I recognise the woman who came second as one who I see at the local shop. She has the better shape Naked in the subburbs she is smaller than the winner.

Later I went to the loo. The Naked in the subburbs was changing out of her wet tee shirt. In just her panties she looked even more stunning. You know what men are like, big tits, that's all they want. The next day I went to the shop, Sue was buying cigarettes.

We get talking and I discovered that she lived just around the corner. Naked in the subburbs as we walked back our chat became more personal and Naked in the subburbs. Kept thinking of her breasts as she told me more and more about her sex life.

Naked in the subburbs was divorced and glad of it. However Sue had several lovers and her graphic detail got me quite aroused. She had done Naked in the subburbs I thought immoral but quite dangerous. She giggles "No, but I did come close once, Me and my boyfriend went back to his mate's house after a good drink.

Naked in the subburbs were all very pissed and when Gerry suggested a game of strip poker we all ended up in just knickers. I found myself snogging with his mate, John, watching his girl giving Gerry one hell of a suck off.

The two men pushed us two women closer until we touched. Her soft skin rubbed against mine, it got me even hornier and when she started to tough me up even whip my pants off I was ready to fuck her. Anyway I felt for John's stiffy - I had never had black cock and I was eager to find Naked in the subburbs if the myth was true Anyway he pushed my face to Naked in the subburbs cock. I was only eighteen - I Naked in the subburbs not sucked a cock before but I did not want to look an amateur so I set about giving him a blow job.

I love it now, but that time he shot his lot and as it hit my throat I gagged and ran to through up. After that I just sat and watched as Gerry and John shagged his girl in every way possible" She looked me in the eyes "I haven't tried fucking a woman since then but I wouldn't mind.

If the right woman came along I found the all female group was Naked in the subburbs lot of fun. As the wine was gulped back we all became less inhibited, some became very mischievous. We were all goaded into Naked in the subburbs out the raunchy clothes, I thought I was safe in a black leather dress but the women egged Perfect nude girl xana on to do a little dance.

Things got really out of control when Carol, a well build and very cheeky young housewife, picked up a very large vibrator. Do you thing I could replace Des with this? It would be much more reliable! Before the zip had reached the bottom of its travel two pair of eager hands were helping her off with the rest of her clothes. She struggled a bit but gave in, letting Im a real asshole two women strip Naked in the subburbs completely.

One held her still while the other woman, Mary, ran the massive pink phallus over her body, lingering over her Mom leg xxx porn foto nipples. Mary placed her vibrating plastic between Carol's breasts and Katy pressed her breasts around it. By this time I was getting very hot and the tight leather dress did not help. I glanced around, I was not the only one, most were just staring agog however a woman dressed in only a bask and black panties was furtively wanking off.

It got even more of a spectacle when Carol started to pull the clothes off the other two and the three started to get into wild kissing. Soon Carol was lying on the floor legs wide as Katy fucked her with the vibrator; Mary was snogging Carol and she was finger fucking her in return. I found my hands slipping to my breasts and crutch and was shocked by my own reaction. This was proving too much for me. I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

I tried to say that it was too much but I just stuttered something incomprehensible. She brought her face close to mine. I expected her to kiss me on the lips and prepared myself. I was shocked even taken aback when she kissed my eyes and my cheeks, and my nose. Then her mouth closed on mine, strange, wonderful sensations passed through me as she engaged me Naked in the subburbs a kiss.

Sue held me tight, her strong arms wrapped around me. I had never kissed a woman before, but I found myself responding without questioning. I felt warm and willing in Sue's arms. The kiss became more and more passionate until our tongues danced deep in each others mouths. Her fingers quickly undid the buttons at the top of the black leather dress.

Just as quickly she had my breasts out of the bra cups and soon was sucking each nipple in turn. She turned me around to bend over the kitchen table, which made it easy for her to pull the Hot boys locker room to my waist. I wriggled my bottom as she pulled down my tights. A moment later, her hand was in my panties, her fingers on my Naked in the subburbs bud.

Our bodies heaved as we stroked each other frantically, until Sue turned me to face her and our lips came together, our tongues seeking, tantalising. Quickly pulled my clothes together and ran home. The next day I needed to get my own clothes and return the dress. I put the dress into a carrier Kylie jenner naked fakes and went around to Sue's "Oh you missed a lot, soon after you left three others Naked in the subburbs too but the rest of us settled into a good time.

I had a real lessy snog with Shara, you know, the girl, can't be more than eighteen. Well I tell you she knows how to Dike! You know you alt to have that dress, it made you look absolutely fuckable, your hubby won't keep his hands off you. Naked in the subburbs would have difficulty too. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth when she moved in for the kiss. This time I surrendered fully, kissing back with a wildly probing tongue.

I was more turned on than I had been for years. Her hands were all over me. As she began to undo the buttons on my blouse, I said: "No, not here, can we go to the bedroom! I watched her full rounded and sexy body move under her jeans and top drooling with anticipation. In her bedroom she pulled me to her. Her hands moved to my breasts and began tweaking my taut nipples. I held her bum cheeks, pulling her towards me, Naked in the subburbs my mound against hers.

Our lips parted and slowly Sue opened my blouse and pushed it over my shoulders and down my back to the floor. With ease she unhooked my bra and I let it slither down my body. As she leaned back to remove her jumper, I started to tell her that I'd never made it with a woman before, but she just put her fingers to my lips, saying not to worry, I would enjoy it.

She was all but naked, just a pair of little black tanga panties covered her. We lay beside each other, pressing close together for a while, then Sue pushed me over on my back.

Her lips moved down over my breasts, taking each nipple in turn between her teeth, then sucking hard and sending spasms of pleasure through every part of me. I held her left breast, squeezing it as I felt her hand move down over my tummy.

My pussy was Naked in the subburbs wet my panties were soaked through. Naked in the subburbs my skirt up to my navel, Sue held the waistband of my panties and pulled tightly, making the crotch disappear between the folds of my aching quim. She kept pulling and releasing, the friction making me moan with delight, while at the same time her lips were licking and nibbling at each breast in turn.

I placed my feet flat on the ground, lifted my bottom up, wanting her to take off my panties. As she did so, I slipped my hand between her legs and inside her panties finding her Naked in the subburbs, and pinching gently between thumb and four-finger. She gasped with pleasure, her tongue flicking this way and that. Naked in the subburbs she began tweaking my clitty I got so hot I was squirming, moaning, my body throbbing under her knowing Naked in the subburbs. Suddenly, Sue moved away.

She looked at me smiling, "God, I want you so much," she said and rolled me over to get to the catch of my skirt. She slipped it of and I took hold of her panties.

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