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Adults can be abused in many different ways. Vulnerable adults abuse examples groups, such as the elderly and frail, are at particular risk of abuse and harm. Safeguarding adults is about protecting those at risk of harm vulnerable adults from suffering abuse or neglect.

Abuse of adults can happen anywhere. It can happen at home, in a residential or nursing home, Vulnerable adults abuse examples a hospital, at work or in the street. There are different types of abuse, which include:. Anyone can be vulnerable to abuse at some time in their life. Those who need safeguarding help are often elderly and frail, living on their own at home, or without much family support in care homes.

Many other groups of people are also at increased risk of suffering harm. Examples include those with physical or learning difficulties, people with mental health needs, young adults and immigrant workers. The person who is responsible for the Vulnerable adults abuse examples is often well known to the person abused. They could be:. Vulnerable adults abuse examples of vulnerable adults is common but often not reported.

It is not known exactly how common it is. At first, you might not recognise the signs of abuse. They may appear to be symptoms of dementia or signs of the elderly person's Vulnerable adults abuse examples. Examples of adult abuse include:. If you are being abused or concerned about someone else being abused, it is very important to talk about your concerns. If you are worried that there is an immediate danger of harm then you should contact the police.

It can be difficult for the abused person to talk to someone about what is happening, especially if:. Domestic violence and abuse: how health services, social care and the organisations they work with can respond effectively ; NICE Public Health Guidance February Safeguarding adults ; Social Care Institute for Excellence. Age Ageing. For some years I have had hard lumpy bits on gum where two upper back teeth were removed. From time to time they would feel tender and seem bigger for a few days and settle down.

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