Share Facebook. Do guys find tongue piercings hot? Add Opinion. I don't sleep around or anything, I don't wear slutty Sexy girls tongue piercings, I don't drink or smoke or even swear. I'm 16 and haven't done anything with a guy except the occasional kiss. An I have my tongue pierced. So does that automatically make me trashy then? A lot of girls get a part of their body pierced because they like them, not because they're seeking attention or even wanting it to excel with sexual pleasure.

I'm just a girl Kitten ebony porn babe happens to like piercings. So if you don't like them, it's your opinion, fine. But it's our Sexy girls tongue piercings and if you think it's trashy than fine. I have a tongue piercing, because why the fuck not. I've always wanted one so I got it. Am I a slut? Im 21, and have been in a committed relationship for 4 years with the first and only guy I've been with. Oh and not because i couldnt get someone else but because i just didn't want anyone else.

Beside this, I think the word "slut" shouldn't be used, it puts women to shame and no woman should feel shame. Men have sex, women have Sexy girls tongue piercings its sex Mzansi black naked ladies calling women sluts. I have asked a male friend about my tongue piercing.

Which i guess totally depends on who likes them or not. Some people like marmite some don't, everyone's different. If u want the piercing do it for yourself and no one else. It depends! But if it is just your tongue, belly and a small tat semi-public, then its HOT.

For me it is just a sign of "not-confidence". It seems like girls are looking for attention when they wanna look different and stand out from others. In the other hand it also says that she don't care about what people think. That when will do whatever pleases her and that she is crazy, wild, and kinky. That she is not affraid. Kayaking Xper 3. I find most tats and piercings NOT. Just not Sexy girls tongue piercings anymore and makes you look like a slut-clown.

Yeah, slut-clown And, for the tongue, it's goofy how they alter your speach. Doth it turn click you on that I talk like I click already hav your Sign Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Underwear types? Do you care about what you wear? Most beautiful hair color? Sort Girls First Guys First. Xper 7. This sounds entirely made up. I, personally, associate it with a higher level of care and probably skill put into oral sex so I find it very attractive. But that has a lot to do with my past relationships with women with tongue piercings I'm sure that's not the intent of every girl who gets a tongue piercing.

CaptainOddvious Xper 4. Original or not, it's damn sexy. I have more respect for a piercing than I do a tattoo.

You can always change up your jewelry. Just don't go overboard and get a million of them. Sexy girls tongue piercings and belly piercings for the win.

It's like wearing slutty clothes all Sit on face nude time Sexy girls tongue piercings letting your bra show. Usually people would say that that's trashy so I find it nasty in a bad way. It can get infected very easily. Also, one day when you are a Grandmother, just imagine your Grandchildren coming up to you Sexy girls tongue piercings asking to see Grandmas tongue piercing I really like it when girls have them.

It's nothing sexual I just like the type of girls that usually get them. It's trashy, tongue piercings put you in the category of women who are a good time but nothing more. If you know what I mean. AlexanderJ Xper 5. Depends on the girl.

Some girls can pull it off really well without looking trashy, but it's pretty hard I have to admit. Oddjob Xper 2. I don't find piercings of any kind attractive. Or tattoos either, for that matter. Don't know what it is about them that I find off-putting, but they're definitely turn-offs for me. Hmm well I'm not a guy, but I would see no problem with it. I mean he would hardly ever see it seriously it's in your mouth. Vegas47 Xper 4. I don't think so.

It makes a girl look more like a toy than anything. Dandeus Guru. Nah, they look tacky, and making out with a chick is fucking annoying if her piercing keeps hitting your teeth. I'm not really a fan of any piercings aside from ear rings and belly button rings. Mgoods Explorer. I've found that a lot of guys are really put off by piercings. I personally don't, but their are men who do.

There isn't any body alteration I find hot. Amrit Xper 2. They are a turn off to me. Some guys do some Sexy girls tongue piercings. Hell no no no nothat's not hot.

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