It was just something I thought of at the last moment and really wanted to get down on paper before I forgot it. I just seem to think that Naruto would really be able to have a romance with her because they've known each other for so long.

I've edited it a couple of times but if it sucks then sorry. I'm still new to writing fanfics so please review so I can get better! Any and all critisisms and critiques would be welcome and taken very seriously. He was followed by a tall long haired jounin with a scar across his nose. Sensei said he'd buy me ramen today! She was a pretty girl with pale blond hair and a cheery smile.

I'm serious this is the last time I reward you for picking up after one of your pranks. It wasn't an unusual sight for the two of them to be seen here after another one of Naruto's pranks. With all said, Naruto was probably here every day and Iruka every three with him. That was you? After a couple of seconds he placed his order for Miso Ramen with extra pork slices and Iruka-sensei requested Shrimp Ramen. After delivering their orders, Ayame started to clean up the counters. After a while she heard the two talking.

I mean, you do know who Lord Hokage is, right? To inheirt the Ramen from naruto naked girl name He'd have to be the best shinobi in the village. It was the Fourth Lord Hokage who saved our town by finding a way to beat the demon fox. He jerked up and thrust his chopsticks in front of him in a thrust of gusto to make a force on his point. And when that day comes everyone in town will have to give me some respect at last!

Naruto calmed down slightly and after eating a few more bites of ramen he turned to his sensei and putting his hands palms together, as if he was praying, "By the way Master, I need a favor Iruka chuckled and replied to the young blond, blue-eyed girl, "My Not yet. No Way. It's a badge of adulthood.

You don't get one until you graduate! The sudden noise startled Teuchi who promptly dropped a the stack of he was carrying. The porcelain broke all over the floor and Ayame ran and started to sweep it up. Before Naruto left that night Ayame called out behind him, "I'm sure you'll be a shinobi someday Naruto!

Naruto's new teacher walked in. He was an older man with long silver white hair that seemed to defy gravity and a mask Ramen from naruto naked girl in combination with his headband covered his entire Ramen from naruto naked girl. Following him was his students.

The four shinobi ate and just as Ayame came over with the bill, Kakashi 'poofed' away, leaving his students to foot the bill. Just a few days later Kakashi walked back in alone.

The store was about to close but Teuchi still put down the last bowl of ramen for him. Ayame pouted, 'Dammit, I was so ready to go to sleep. I already spent all morning shopping with the girls, I'm exhausted Hurry up and eat you old Hentai so I can leave! Ayame expected Kakashi to eat the Ramen from naruto naked girl he always did. To super quickly turn around, spin on the chair, scarf it all down in ten seconds flat and disappear.

Instead Kakashi pulled down his mask. His face was beautiful. Despite his age, or what all the citizens thought his age was, he face was like a baby's. He had a narrow face with high cheek bones that accented his dark onyx eye by making them seem larger. He had a thin, straight nose and pale lips that always seemed to be rotated into a slight smile.

Naruto entered pushed away the flaps that seperated the restaraunt goers from the view of all the people walking along the streets. He held them open as a small pink haired girl walked in after him. Ayame could see how Ramen from naruto naked girl Naruto was with the small girl, his teammate.

She saw how his hands clenched, how he sweated, how he, for the first time ever, Naruto doubted his word choice and even shut up. He had a blush on his face and didn't just engulf all of his ramen in Ramen from naruto naked girl gulp, he took human sized bites. Everytime the poor boy tried to open his mouth he started saying something and then trailed off, blushing profusely and then try to eat some ramen.

The awkward silence that ensued between the cell mates seemed to descend over the entire restaraunt. No one seemed to be talking and the Ramen from naruto naked girl carefree and breezy atmosphere of the noodle bar was off.

Af the awkward silence continued Ayame couldn't seem to keep her eyes off the couple causing it. Part of her was happy for Naruto. He was finally able to show some real feelings, not just cover them up with his exubarunt speech and actions.

He was trying to do things he never had before and trying to please someone else. It was a first for Naruto. But part of Ayame wanted to kick the pink haired, green eyed kunoichi, Sakura, out of the building. Whenever she looked at the girl, who obviously was someplace else in her mind and not appreciating how Ramen from naruto naked girl Naruto put into this.

He had always been alone, Ayame and her father were some of the few people who talked and saw him everyday no matter what and they knew what horrible social skills he had. But here he was pouring every scrap of social ettiquete he knew into trying to please her and she South actress tamanna bhatia xxx images didn't care.

It drove Ayame crazy. If she didn't like him then she shouldn't be stringing him along like this! It's not fair to make him work so hard for nothing!

But that wasn't the only thing bothering Ayame about the couple. Beneath her anger and annoyance at the kunoichi for stringing Naruto along was something Ayame couldn't identify. It almost felt like jealously She knew she couldn't be a kunoichi, a weak heart at birth had made certain of that but Ayame had made peace with that a long time ago.

Sure it annoyed her when she was younger but at least it meant she could help her father. Was she jealous of her exotic looks? Sure that girl looked a lot prettier than Ayame had looked at that age, Nudist young family black photo in all honesty probably better than she did now too.

But they'd never had Nude blonde girls having sex together like this, on a date! Was that what had her jealous? That the pink haired tart got to have a special place in the blond Kyuubi Container's heart?

Shaking her head as she washed some used dishes Ayame got rid of the absurd idea. Of course not! Naruto was just a kid! Why would she even think Ramen from naruto naked girl I got to see Kakashi's face.

Why would I be wanting to be with that little kid? I'm sure you'll get her next time! I guess so I'll get her next time Believe it! He placed some money on the counter and walked off saying, "See ya tomorrow Ayame-chan. He hasn't had ramen in three months! He must have starved to Ramen from naruto naked girl by now! Ramen from naruto naked girl boy has never gone more than twelve hours without ramen before.

Does he ever even eat anything else? No one has even mentioned him in weeks and none of his teammates have come in either It must be that pink haired tarts fault! Ever since she bailed on him, his visits became more and more infrequent. Sure part of of it is due to missions, I can respect that, but they wouldn't send a genin on a three month mission!

First he was gone for a month, that was a good thing. I couldn't believe that he was allowed on the mission to look for Ramen from naruto naked girl Tsunade! But a few days after he returned he just stopped showing up

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