CartoonZa review. Tram Pararam. Tram Pararam review. Cartoon Reality. Cartoon Reality re XL Toons review. Famous Comics. Famous Comics review. Cartoon Gonzo. Cartoon Gonzo review. DrawnSex presents:. Jimmy Neutron Sex Story. Chapter III. After 5 long hours, Jimmy had done it. It was not yet working, but that was because the Judy neutron nude pichunter he needed last had to be heated first; in lava.

Jimmy did this, and waited. He soon grew bored and went to find Carl as he was definitely ready for some more action, at his expense. Finding him on the couch Jimmy had a wonderful idea. Slowly he turned him over on the couch and once again positioned himself. This was going to be awesome and Carl would like it. No matter what. Seeing the hole, he aimed and thrusted. Like before the feelings he got were one of a kind. He felt the warmness wake him and then driven by lust thrust as fast as he could.

With a constant smacking sound created by his balls Jimmy could not be more happy as he held Carl. He felt Carl stirring and threw himself ontop of him, preventing him from moving away as he continued his anal assault.

Carl dreamed he was inside Jimmy, who was inside Sheene. The Threesome fucked each other until he woke up, looking back, and saw Jimmy inside him fucking like a madman. Carl felt pleasure race up his spine and rape his brain. He then stopped himself from Judy neutron nude pichunter and took the cock. Jimmy could cum right now, but he needed to pound this hole. It had to be fucked and fucking it Judy neutron nude pichunter was.

Carl felt himself unable to stand the pleasure, grabbing a pillow he held onto it for dear life as Jimmy sent wave after wave into his. Carl slowly came down from his sexual high, not caring about Jimmy but feeling his cock vibrate as it waited to be stroked. Finally deciding it was Judy neutron nude pichunter, Jimmy completed the invention and both boys left the clubhouse lab in search of prey. Carl nodded and opened the back door. Through the darkness the Judy neutron nude pichunter made out Mrs.

Neutron sound asleep. Creeping up, Jimmy put his plan into motion as he gave Carl a thumbs up. Quietly Carl backed out and waited with the Ray guy. She did not stir. Shaking her she awoke. Hitting her nearly point blank she fell to the ground to have Jimmy caught her. Help me get her downstairs.

Neutron to the edge of the stairs where they began their slow descent. After about a minute they arrived in the family room. Jimmy quickly crept upstairs and quietly closed Judy neutron nude pichunter bedroom door in a effort to reduce the noises of what was about to happen.

Creeping back down, he was surprised to find Carl already started. Carl drooled and began taking his cloths off. Soon Mrs. Eyes wandering up and down, Judy neutron nude pichunter then she leaned forward. Like a little school girl she sucked. Sucked like she just met some guy in a bar, drunk on lust. His mother was totally engulfed into in his penis, sucking Judy neutron nude pichunter it and playing with the head as if it were a large Popsicle. Jimmy sat down on the plush couch behind him and let his mother finish her work.

Judy neutron nude pichunter sat behind Mrs. Neutron with a evil grin, finally he was going to go inside her, months of waiting and knowing it would never happen would finally mean something as he griped his cock. Jimmy felt a head rush as he griped his mothers head down on his shaft and thrusted up into her mouth, letting warm cream fill the crevice. She obediently adsorbed every thing.

Getting up from her position, he took her night gown bottom off and slipped her Judy neutron nude pichunter away, leaving a wet pussy behind. Carl had to look at this wonder, what he had wanted for so long. Even Jimmy was watching intently from his theater seat. With an flash Mrs. Neutron bent over and Carl took aim. Jimmy was free to explore his mothers boobs as she took her shirt off. Her knees on the floor, she began to give a tit fuck to the already pleasure Jimmy.

Carl too was in pleasure, his medium cock was plunging head first into his first Vagina. My how he felt. Too see a round and firm ass enveloping his penis each blow was a sight in itself. Finding a rhythm was hard for Carl, he pretty much just kept thrusting until he felt a organism building. Take it! Coming to his edge he walked off and in doing so sprayed his semen into Mrs.

Neutron, Holding her close and tight as he finished the Thrusting. Carl was breathing hard with much delight as his seed dripped from where he had just thrusted. He watched as Mrs. But nothing could stop Jimmy from getting hard Big fat ass butt more as he saw the tits bounce up and down. Jimmy loved every second as once more he got sexual favors from his dear old mum, always their to help him relieve his sexual tension.

And at last he had some golden data to make the most realistic sexogram possible. He was high on sex now and the only thing that brought him down was the two rather large balls squeezing his penis over and over. In that flash Jimmy felt the warm lips of his mother slowly massage his penis, rolling her tounge around his shaft as she pumped herself up and down like a corkscrew.

After a couple of Minutes, Jimmy came and once more Mrs. Neutron took a mouthful of her sons semen down her throat. Judy neutron nude pichunter then he slowly loosened his hold on her head, resulting in a cum and saliva flaccid penis plopping out.

An awkward Silence filled the room, Mrs. Neutron nude on the floor breathing hard, Jimmy basking in his Arm chair, and looking at his prize and Carl, behind Mrs Neutron, thinking about what he could do. It seems the Rays effects lasted quite a while as it was now 5 Am, an amazed Jimmy, slowly got up, and broke the silence. Neutron was trapped in a sexual mind game. Anytime she felt slutty, she received huge amounts of pleasure along with feelings usually associated with love.

It would be an interesting few weeks…. Jimmy Neutron Porn Story. Chapter II. Chapter I. Looking to the Side, Jimmy saw his Mother, still nude taking her shower. Judy neutron nude pichunter was speeding up now, his dick harder then ever, calling to him to stroke it. Jimmy was picturing his Mother with those lips sucking his penis dry.

On his knees, Carl sucked and sucked until he felt Jimmy Caroline pierce watching my mom go black his head in closer, shoving his cock down his Judy neutron nude pichunter. Carl felt a warm sensation go into his mouth. Jimmy knew what now had to be done. Judy neutron nude pichunter did it, and then turned to Carl.

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