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Now, in a new interview with The Today Showyear-old Gyllenhaal reveals the one thing about the film that really irked his late co-star: people who cracked jokes about it. This is about love. Looking back on the project, Gyllenhaal says it was the vehicle that helped propel him into stardom.

And it has nothing to do with you in the end. I feel that deeply about it. It Heath ledger brokeback mountain naked nothing to do with me. Never got why people fawned over that movie so much. One decent shot of them both jumping off the cliff. Otherwise two miserable closeted guys with a miserable ending for one, and miserable ending of the movie. Certainly no happily ever after…. Many disagree with your view of the movie. It was a ground breaking movie.

I think you missed the point and purpose of the movie. Find them. I fell in love with a med school classmate. Well said, Sean. That freshness translated into their believability and chemistry.

To this day, I celebrate the sensitivity straight people brought to a heart-wrenching love story between two men of a certain time and place. This movie, unto itself, is a celebration that there is hope for the empathy possible from our straight counterparts; particularly in our current times of so much foment coming from the extreme right religiosity around the world. I cried when I read the short story book a few years before the movie and I Heath ledger brokeback mountain naked cried and do so now of this writing, feeling the heartbreak and loneliness of Enis at the end.

Well played! The movie was a B- to me; there was nothing great or groundbreaking about it, except for the accompanying PR campaign. Sorry you ALL missed the point of my post.

It was disheartening to watch with my Gay and straight friends. Instead of showing in the first mainstream Gay themed major picture that Gays can be happy, have loving life enriching relationships and actually live happily ever after, it showed two miserable guys one ends up dead the ending that a good percentage of this national actually DOES consider a happy ending….

This movie had a huge impact on me since I grew up in a rural setting much like the one used in the movie. It was like a glimpse of what life was like for gay men back then when I was growing up. I watch the DVD occasionally. I pre-ordered the DVD as soon as soon as Amazon allowed it. I am so grateful to see this story depicted on the big screen! The fact that it got a general release and won Oscars so that it found a wide audience made it even more important.

Never got why people fawned over Heath ledger brokeback mountain naked movie so…. My whatsapp number is Drop me a line nly if you are sngle and looking for love and pleasure. NOT all gay films have to be happy and end with a bang. I used to really dislike him because when this film came out they all were on Oprah and I remember him in the same breath talking about how he had to wrestle with his own homophobia and then later talking about how relieved he was when they got around to shooting scene between he and Ann Hathaway.

I enjoyed the film and watched it with different straight friends both male and female that enjoyed it too. It was boring. Another one with a Heath ledger brokeback mountain naked username. Judging by that, you obviously are into Psycho…which says it all.

No wonder you find Brokeback Mountain boring. Philadelphia felt like that. Well I found the movie to be excellent. I judge acting, screenplay and overall story based on how emotionally connected I get. I always cry at the end when he opens the closet to smell Jacks shirt.

Hot sex man with girl suking have a few movies that invoke that kind of emotion. Lots of interesting storylines in that movie. He was great. The movie shows you what the period was like. Same with Boys in the Band. Learn some history. I enjoyed the movie and did rewatch it. Straights playing gay, gays playing straight, who cares so long as they give the public a GREAT performance!!

I waited for it on DVD watched it at home. C minus. I loved the movie so much I saw it twice in the theater, bought the DVD, and have a movie house sized poster of Heath and Jake. After the loss of my wife, I was a newly singled father of a five-year-old daughter when Brokeback Mountain came out.

I saw the movie with my daughter in Washington, DC while on vacation. She saw a lovely story that portrayed two men in Heath ledger brokeback mountain naked and in her innocence accepted it at Heath ledger brokeback mountain naked value.

I saw a riveting story about a love that I Heath ledger brokeback mountain naked someday have. I strongly believe she became the loving and supportive daughter she is today because we shared seeing that movie.

It was a blessing. Many years have passed, and I never dated, but I heled out hope that once she was grown and secure I would have my chance. She is now twenty and is my number one support in finding happiness and love. Brokeback Mountain changed us profoundly.

I am forever grateful. I found BBM to be the most emotionally engaging film Heath ledger brokeback mountain naked my life. For a sweet person, to have to endure the abuse would be devastating.

So sorry, Heath. Sensitive, beautiful folks die because of you awful people. First of all they herd sheep. For the Heath character there is only one person he really loves, who happens to be another man, but goes through life making do except for the rare times he gets to spend with Jake, whose love is only available now and again and needs to find someone to recreate it with, which is why he goes looking for other men. He clearly got it! A great loss of a beautiful human being.

Boise, Idaho had a, as Massachusetts calls it, a witch hunt and sent gay professors to prison just on the rumor they were gay. The newspaper published an article that shocked Boise, calling us sexual deviates that attacked young boys in the park.

My husband and I met in Boston back inwhen I was in the Navy, and we were together for 57 years, married 15 years as Massachusetts passed marriage equality in when we got married. Unfortunately, he passed away last month, but I have many fond memories of our lives together. Heath ledger brokeback mountain naked mountain was an honest, bare naked depiction of what our country was actually like within the time frame of the movie. Two men fell in love in a time when it was not acceptable.

The brutality and cruelty exhibited by everyone in society towards anyone even suspected as being gay was horrific and unimaginable today by people who did not experience it. Be thankful that world is no more. Be wary of any who would try to bring it back to life. We must continue to Heath ledger brokeback mountain naked for our right to exist and live our lives freely. If we are not vigilant, history will repeat itself. It was a great film.

Not Heath ledger brokeback mountain naked gay films have to be positive. We have plenty of positive films. Those were all jokes of a film. Please log in to add your comment Need an account? Search for:. Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of entertainment brokebackmountain heathledger stories and more. Larry Many Ebony porn mature pics with your view of the movie.

Sean I think you missed the point and purpose of the movie. Charlie in Charge Tragedy is cathartic. The Iliad, Romeo and Juliet, Atonement — all good stuff. TheBigOne Sounds like somebody needs their poopy diaper changed. JaredMacBride The movie was a B- to me; there was nothing great or groundbreaking about it, except for the accompanying PR campaign. ConnorBryant Never got why people fawned over that movie so….

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