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There is a whole generation of dudes out there who are still in love with Topanga. The iconic character, played by the beautiful Danielle Fishelgraced our television sets from to on Boy Meets World. Many of us watched jealously, as the awkward male lead, Cory Matthews Ben Savagebumbled aimlessly along, embarrassing himself, learning sappy life Very amateur hairy girls, and miraculously winning over the feisty brunette babe.

Times have changed since Boy Meets Worldand Topanga is still hotter than ever. She even reprised her Topanga role in Girl Meets Worldalongside Cory, this time acting as the parents in the Disney sitcom. Yes, we know Topanga is a real person named Danielle. But for Girl from boy meets world nude of us, Topanga will live on forever. Ah yes, the Dorm Daze films. These images were taken to promote the first movie. There are also shots like this of Topanga and her costar, the busty Jennifer Lyons.

Topanga Girl from boy meets world nude Maria, which was a supporting role. The Daze films were pretty dumb, as you can probably tell from the title. The second film went straight to video. You gotta love these flicks though, right? Such immature series, like American Piereally serve as a kind of reference to tween boys. This genre of film is hilarious, Girl from boy meets world nude so inaccurate. We are usually busy staring at her curves, but those eyes are great.

The lips are very plump and delicious as well. Topanga has a racially ambiguous name, and her look is so unique too. The name actually came from a canyon the show creator, Michael Jacobs, drove by once while selling the show. Malta is a tiny island republic off the southern tip of Italy.

Ancestry is an interesting topic, and nowadays, anybody can discover their percentages by spitting into a plastic vial. It costs around a hundred bucks and you have to spit like, a lot, into a vial and mail it away. This shot was taken from one such very popular Maxim shoot that Fishel did a few years back. In the shoot, Topanga takes on the role of a Tank top downblouse nip slip homemaker.

In this shot, our favorite crush is doing the laundry in the backyard. What is she working on here? And that bra looks awfully small. Fishel supposedly wears a 36D, but that bra looks more like a 32B. This hot pic is something that all men do at any age, whether they admit it or not. This has been happening to men for centuries. Here is Topanga leaning back in an awkward pose. No doubt Cory would love to ogle this view, but not Ben Savage.

Rumor has it that the pair only had one date, and there were no sparks at all. Topanga has her hair up and looks so pretty. Maybe it was near the end of the Boy Meets World run, and Topanga was trying to shed her good-girl image. In this screenshot, Topanga finally tied the knot with Cory. They just said their vows and are ready to finally consummate their marriage. In the memorable scene, Topanga hops in bed first. She gets under the covers and removes her white slip. She throws the undergarment at Cory, and it lands on his head.

Then, Cory smiles a big cheesy grin and hops under the covers too. He slips off his pants and then throws them across the room. Just when the couple is ready to do the deed after waiting for all those years, the police knocked on the door Girl from boy meets world nude came barging in.

Several officers picked up the mattress with the couple on board Girl from boy meets world nude carried them out of the hotel suite. Holy cleavage, Topanga! This image comes from the often-overlooked contents page. Topanga made the cover of the magazine to promote her Girl Meets World show. In this reboot, which was cancelled last January after three Girl from boy meets world nude, Cory is the wise history teacher, with his daughter and her friends in his class.

Topanga, who was always much smarter than everybody else, has since become a successful lawyer, who is able to afford a huge pad in Manhattan. For the Girl reboot, show creators welcomed any and all Boy Meets World cast members back, and Girl from boy meets world nude of them did cameos. And the super hot part is, it seems to be real.

There are other photos of Topanga at a bar with other people, wearing that same dark green shirt. We even found a report of a Philadelphia Radio station that commented on the photos when they were originally posted online. This photo is practically bleeding authenticity now.

If Danielle Fishel wants to make dinner reservations, she can say Fishel, but if she wants the fancy table right next to the window or the awesome aquarium, she says Topanga. We had to get a picture of Topanga in a bikini. She is looking super hot, with all the right curves in all the right Girl from boy meets world nude. For a while there, Topanga was gaining some weight, and she started doing Nutrisystem.

Nutrisystem is a pre-made diet plan where you eat a shake or processed foods for every meal. After she stated in an interview that she lost twenty-plus pounds, the company hired her on as a spokesperson.

Oh, yes, we had to get another throwback into the mix. It seems like she was definitely feeling the pressure of moving on. A show about school kids can only go on so long, especially when the kids are truly of school age. Other actors were just tired of the role and thought they were going to become super famous in Hollywood.

The sad part is that none of the major players in the cast went on to find any big success, which was one reason why they later signed on for Girl Meets World. One of the biggest guest stars was Jennifer Love Hewittand even her long career has cooled Girl from boy meets world nude lately.

Another fantastic shot from the Maxim spread is seen here. Topanga is spread across a bench. What is with the old-fashioned phone, though? It kind of makes the pic look like an ad for a one-nine-hundred number. Remember those? You would call the number and talk to some sexy-voiced woman about whatever you wanted.

Now, even collect calls are a thing of the past. There are not many scandalous Girl from boy meets world nude of Topanga.

Still, she was squeaky clean. And sometimes, certain materials turn into translucent scrims when the flashbulbs go off. Of course, you get on the internet and some dudes have fudged with the contrast levels and come up Girl from boy meets world nude a pretty clear reveal of those naughty bits. Then, there are other nerds who take her entire shirt off and insert various objects into the frame. Nerds, show some decency for once.

Here is a red carpet Adrienne barbeau nude fakes porn of Topanga looking smoking hot in a tight shirt. Wow, this was Topanga in her prime. There seems to be a certain age when a man and women look their best.

First, you look back fondly on your high school days. Then, your twenties, Girl from boy meets world nude thirties, and so on The couple even went to prom, way before Lance found his true calling. Maxim really did a number on Topanga. They gave her a sexy shoot, put her on the cover, but then titled her article—with huge font—Topanga.

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