The idea of breaking up over text is getting more and more popular these days. Some may find it a convenience, while others definitely view it as a cowardice, insensitive, and cold thing to do, especially to anyone who may have had someone break up with them via iMessage in the past.

Is breaking up with someone over text really wrong? Some are actually funny as hell. What Funny break up text fails way to deflect an attempted break up through text than with denial?

They are literally not buying into this whatsoever. They will not allow it! Not this chick, nope. This is probably one of the worst breakup texts ever.

Breakup officially cancelled. She simply tells the mystery girl that she and Andy are totally through. You go Jessica! I guess Andy here has a quite a hold on her. This has to be not only one of the worst attempts at a break-up texts ever, but also ironic.

And can we talk about the fail attempt at trying to justify this message to his wife? Meant for someone else? Especially after what he just revealed to her?!?

Yet again she responds with a text after her husband gave his second reply. Funny break up text fails we can only imagine how the face-to-face confrontation went down, if there even was one. Yeah, this is totally awkward, and we can blame that damn autocorrect, always messing everything up! Honestly, to Jenna, this sounds like a good idea!

To her, this would have been a very easy break-up. To Jenna, they could totally use some time apart. As for Funny break up text fails however, this was far from his plans. Jenna seriously wants to break it off now? So, does this mean the end of the road for Jenna and Jason? All we know for sure is this is one awkward and pretty bad break up text. Raise your hand if you believe this has to be one of the corniest and worst attempts at making a joke.

Are they not really bothered? No questions or sarcastic rebuttals or angry ranting? A break up through text Funny break up text fails never a good joke in the first place.

If you knew you were terrible in bed, wouldn't you try to get better? Be the best you can be? Either way this is a pretty harsh breakup. This girl got straight to the point. There was no need for warning or lighthearted reasoning. Their sex life is repulsive. I guess a horrible sex life does beat out your guy checking your hot sister out huh? This goes on the list as one of the worst break up texts ever because it looks like Mark Funny break up text fails been keeping the secret from his girl for a while.

Ugh, what a mess. I feel like they Funny break up text fails of walked right into this one. Did they really expect good news? They had to Funny break up text fails some cheesy analogy about push —ups on your knees.

How dumb. Am I the only one that thinks doing push-ups on their knees is still a workout though? My arms feel like Jell-O either way. How do you break up with your ex? Do you let them down gently? Do you suggest going your separate ways? Do you just block and delete their number and move on with your life? Of course, this may not be justifiable or legal making this one of the worst break up texts in history! Sure they may have flirted with other people. Sure they might have cheated on you.

Sure they may have eaten that slice of cheesecake you were saving yourself. Come on people. Have some class! See, this is why nobody likes autocorrect. I have to admit, it does look like a pretty nice save here. Good luck at gaining those 15 pounds by summer John side-eye. Either way, this one goes down as one of the worst break up, or failed attempt at a break up texts ever.

If John was being genuine, and was truly trying to tell his girlfriend about his desire to bulk up then he needs to contact Apple asap. Someone on the tech side needs to be more aware of how autocorrect is ruining lives and breaking people up. Lyndsie has officially reached the Funny break up text fails of savage. Like, is this not mean at all? Although she may come off totally bitchy in this context, can we just admit how funny this is?

I think this is so mean yet so funny at the same time. This is the kind of break up text for that. Use this as your template. Did he really want her to cry and plead for him to stay? Did he want to get into a heated argument possibly in attempt to end it by bursting through her door, sweeping her off her feet and heading to the bedroom for euphoric makeup nookie?

Is this all one big joke? Is anyone else confused? I feel like this couple doesn't really value one another and this seems like the laziest relationship ever.

Poor, poor thing. Clearly this is a situation where two people were never on the same page and we Funny break up text fails know that can end pretty messy. What happened to leaving people alone? Giving people space and time? She clearly has nothing else to say to you dude. Selfish much? Damn dude. Did this guy really just do that?

This sucks so bad, that this takes the cake as literally one of the worst break up texts in history! Who does this? The fact that someone can send a message like that to their partner as a way of ending the relationship just break our hearts.

People can be Funny break up text fails cruel. Talk about cringe-worthy. On the bright side if there is one? Why do men have to be so mean? That wraps up the top 15 worst break up texts ever. Leave A Comment. Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment.

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