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Now, let's say you are perhaps interested in spending some quality sexual time with yourself. Nothing wrong with masturbation, in fact it is even good for you. Let's say that while you are getting intimate with yourself you are craving an experience that allows for a bit more penetration than say your fingers, but for whatever reason, you don't happen to Jordin sparks and shemar moore a dildo on hand.

Maybe you are Foods for anal use shy to go buy one or the one you ordered over the internet hasn't gotten to you yet. Don't worry, Foods for anal use are options available to you and they are only as far away as your kitchen. Yes, my dears, I'm talking about food that you can use as dildo.

I've put together a little list for you. It's up to you what you do with the food once you've had your way with it. You could compost it, wash it and make a smoothie out of it or save it for another rendezvous. Anyway, here are six foods that can be used as a sex toy:.

A cucumber is an obvious choice, but it is important to keep in mind that you should not slice it up and cover it with lemon and chile if you are going to use it as a sex toy. That will sting and burn, I'm sure. I wouldn't know because I've never tried it, but I've heard. If Foods for anal use are going to get frisky with chorizo, I would recommend a hard one, not the mushy uncooked kind.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to enjoy some wine before you enjoy your chorizo. You want to make sure you use a raw zucchini for any sexual encounters because I really don't think that cooked calabacistas will get you off. I am not counting carrots twice, I just put in baby carrots for all those women who claim Sexy music girls nude doesn't matter. Yeah, you try to get off with a baby carrot and then let me know how you feel about size issues after that?

Let's make it clear that you should keep the peel on the Foods for anal use, okay?! Bananas can also be exciting if you've ever had fantasies about group sex because they come in bunches. Plantains are a good option for ladies who do think size matters. If a banana just won't do it for you, size up.

Follow Us. Anyway, here are six foods that can be used as a sex toy: Image via Corbis Images. Cucumber 1 Image via Corbis Images. Chorizo 2 Image via Corbis Images. Zucchini 3 Image via Corbis Images. Carrots 4 Image via Corbis Foods for anal use. You could play a fun game of "What's up, Doc?

Baby carrot 5 Image via Corbis Images. Banana 6 Image via Corbis Images. Plantain 7 Image via Corbis Images.

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