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Spanking sexually outdoors. A talk, an apology, a spanking, then sex in the woods. Nothing like a teenage romance story gone naughty to arouse things. I was dating a very pretty girl back First time sex outdoors my teen years. She had Fat girl sex stories sweetest little body, tits just right, ass cute and curvy, but we had done nothing more than just cuddle and kiss and a little feel play. One day in summer we were out riding around.

My best friend had a family farm where we'd go hunting, cut wood, that sort of thing. I told her we should go and up on the hill was a huge tree we could carve our initials in. She liked the idea so we drove to their farm. We hiked up the hill, carved our initials, and kissed. Well on the way back down we started arguing.

It was over silly jealous issues. This time she was the First time sex outdoors one. At the edge of the woods was a clearing. You could see the neighbors farm across the fenceline and we were in the open. We stopped on a huge rock to sit, and talk. As we did we made up and decided being jealous was silly. I told her that was a bad girl thing to do, just being silly myself, and said next time she'd get spanked.

No intentions of ever doing that. She got playful and daring First time sex outdoors said I should try that now. So we wrestled around a bit, laughed, did more tickling than any real First time sex outdoors. But as she went to sit down I grabbed her arm playfully, pulled her to me, spun her around, and gave her two playful cracks. She had this look on her face that wasn't hurtful. Nor was it angry. She then leaned over, laying across my lap, and said to spank her.

Not sure really what to do I did. So I gave her a couple more. I asked if that was enough and she teased me saying First time sex outdoors hardly felt it. Well I didn't try to spank her hard.

But she had jeans on. I said, jokingly, I will pull your pants down then. To which she stood up, undid her jeans, unzipping them, and then sliding them down. I was stunned. Her I was looking as her sexy ass though covered with soft flowery panties.

I was beginning to get aroused and flushed. Her jeans still on, hanging onto her ankles, she laid over my lap and I spanked her again. What I heard was not an ouch, or whimper, but a pleasured ummm as whe wiggled.

I was very hard by this time and couldn't keep my eyes off of her ass. I managed to ask if she felt it Mlp hentai rainbow dash tentacle porn she said barely. So I said all that's left is pull down her panties and I did. She had no objection. I was sitting there, my girlfriend laying on my lap, bare ass and all. I could hardly think. I find myself rubbing it First time sex outdoors stroking it and realized I was First time sex outdoors to be spanking it.

So I gave it a couple First time sex outdoors. It got more of the same reaction from her. I said there you go, that's enough, now be good. But as I did I was petting her ass. So curvy, soft, sexy. I found myself exploring along her crack, down it, and between First time sex outdoors legs. First time sex outdoors naturally began to open them and I found her wet hole, her soft pubic hair as back then few shaved.

Not sure where this was leading I stopped, and began to help her up. As she was First time sex outdoors up she was pushing up on my leg but missed, a little. You could clearly see I had a boner and her hand brushed against it. She seemed surprised but pleased. So she asked if I had been thinking bad things and I said yes.

So she kicked off her shoes, laid her jeans and panties in the grass, and said that since I was bad I needed spanked, the same First time sex outdoors. So I undid my pants, let them fall, my hard cock pressing against my underwear, then pulled them down. My boner popped up and was throbbing. Her eyes were fixed on it and she wasn't First time sex outdoors what to do next. I was bigger than her so she had me turn around, lean against the rock, and she gave me two cracks.

With a playful, don't ever think bad things again. I turned around, both of us unsure what to do. I gazing at her black bushy area and she at my boner.

I told her we should kiss and make up. So we did. As we did my cock pressed hard against her aching to go inside her for the first time.

I caressed her ass gently rubbing it, squeezing it. Each time she moaned and I felt her body press harder to mine. We were both flushed, heating up. I reached up inside her top and undid her bra, then lifted her top.

She pulled her bra off and her sweet little boobs, I think she was about 34 then, were so inviting. It was my first time but something in me drove me to the next action, to caress, cup them, massage them, play with her hard nipples, then put them to my mouth.

At some point we had gotten naked, laid our clothes on the ground making a bad though the grass was soft and low cut. We First time sex outdoors there in the sun, out in the open, unaware but not caring if anyone was around.

We were caught up in each other. We kissed, explored each other, and ached to merge as one. She led my hand to her pleasure button and had me begin to rub it. She confessed she would do that at night thinking of me touching her. Then she reached down and began to fondle my aching, throbbing, boner. It was beginning to ooze pre cum. She said she always wondered what if looked like, and felt like.

Then she said, put it in me. I always had Marlene favela xxx video condom with me, in First time sex outdoors, never thinking I'd have to use it.

But I pulled it on. Being in our teens we didn't want to be parents suddenly. So I slid it on. While I was dying to ram it in, I gently rubbed the swollen tip up and down her pussy slit.

Her legs were wide open begging for being fucked. So I slowly slid it over and down her lipps, and to her First time sex outdoors hole. I slid it in slowly feeling like I would cum at any second. She was tight, wet, and burning hot. Even through the condom I could feel it. I slid it in slow then deep, and out. Then I repeated it. She was moaning and grabbing at me and scratching me saying omg, omg, over and over.

She said faster and First time sex outdoors so I did. It seemed like I did this for several minutes, leaning over to squeeze her tits and First time sex outdoors and lick them. When she did it was like my cock knew what to do and I could feel myself cumming, shooting wad after wad of hot cum.

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