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Urine, semen and saliva all have their place in the realm of body fluid fetishes, but today we are going to discuss lactophilia, an attraction to a lactating breast and breast milk. Breasts, historically and throughout evolution, have been viewed as a symbol of fertility, sexuality and nourishment.

In a recent study conducted by Dr. Justin Lehmiller, one-third of 4, American men surveyed were found to have fantasised about breast milk at least once. Moreover, breast lactation is becoming a hot commodity.

Women selling excess breast milk online to other women often report receiving numerous requests from men. In Fantasy lactation women breastfeeding, lactation fetishism is even more out in the open. Breast milk bars enable Fantasy lactation women breastfeeding to order fresh breast milk. At the popular Bonyu Bar, three nursing women under the age of 30 provide the real deal.

For some people who are attracted to lactation, the idea of drinking the milk is where the fetish lies, Fantasy lactation women breastfeeding for others, watching a woman lactating is arousing. Since milk from the breast is essentially just another form of fluid, Dr. Harmony believes that the fluid itself is not typically stigmatised, but rather the association to age play.

Post continues after. The interest in age play is also growing. In Dr. While many people may be sexually attracted to breasts, erotic lactation is a very Fuck ebony xxx. com fetish. There are several factors that can explain an erotic interest in breast milk. The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that people who Fantasy lactation women breastfeeding their mothers breastfeeding before the age of five were more likely to be aroused by breastfeeding later on in life.

For some people, erotic lactation is popular in BDSM scenes. People who participate in erotic lactation are often outliers, even in the kinky world of fetishes.

The interest in breast milk occurs between consenting adults who can participate in platonic, romantic or BDSM Fantasy lactation women breastfeeding. Leave a comment.

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