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Cost is likely Facial plastic surgery costs important consideration in your decision to undergo facial rejuvenation. Facial plastic surgery cost can vary greatly based on the procedure, the surgeon and even the area of the country where it is being performed and whether or not Facial plastic surgery costs have to travel to get there! Generally, the facial Facial plastic surgery costs surgery cost comprises the surgeon's fee, anesthesia fee, operating room fee and implant fee if applicable.

There are hidden costs that are not necessarily included in the estimate as well. These may include blood work, X-rays or other diagnostic tests, and a physical exam by your primary care doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to have surgery. Any prescription drugs, special bandaging or Facial plastic surgery costs garments are also extra.

Make sure you have as complete an estimate as possible before booking your surgery. It's best to get it in writing. According to the latest figures available from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery AAFPRSthe national averages for plastic surgeon fees for surgical and nonsurgical facial rejuvenation procedures in were:.

Some surgeons charge more and some charge less. In general, costs are higher in metropolitan areas than in less-populated cities. Many people Facial plastic surgery costs opt for facial rejuvenation procedures get more than one at a time. This can decrease your overall cost as you only pay the anesthesia and facility fee once. Doubling or tripling up on procedures may also increase your risks, however. Facial Plastic Surgery Cost.

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