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Elwood Member. Dec 3, 11 Good for Eric, he scored some serious poo-tang. Blitz71 Member. Oct 12, 20 18 48 Elizabethtown, PA www. Isn't it "pune-tang". Jgatie Banned. Oct 14, 1, 49 That would be "poontang", from the Filipino Ilokano dialect "putang.

Urban Dictionary: poontang. Bark Big curvy bubble butt girl naked Now! Oct 15, 2, 83 Frederick, MD. A charming personality? Jgatie said:. A sense of humor? Oct 11, 2, 96 48 Seattle, WA. Better enjoy it while it lasts Oct 12, 3, Blitz71 said:. Bark said:. No, he wouldn't know either of those things no matter how much time he was exposed to them.

However, he now knows the Bo derek fakes porn of the happiness explosion inside a consenting, living woman. As he's humping his sheets in his PJ pants, he'll think back to the experience and cry little midget tears for what he's unable to attain on his own, without Stern and Fratto. He won't ever thank either of them or acknowledge their help though, ungrateful bastard.

Mark my words. Wolf Jewbacca. Oct 11, 31, 8, Utopia www. Oh how Eric the midget at the bunnyranch that woman has Eric the midget at the bunnyranch little baby in bed, oh wait that Eric the Midget.

Forevernever Active Member. Dec 3, 28 When you hear Eric on the show, its easy to Lets fuck like jack rabbits his reality - he's just a weird voice on a telephone line. He becomes a character, not an actual person; he could be someone in the back room, just another one of their phony callers.

Then you see pictures like this and it hits you - he IS real. There really is a midget out there who looks like a head stuck on a turkey's body. He really does obsess over American Idol. He really does fly out to Nevada imagine the logistics and scams whores to sleep with him. Well, at least he gets to enjoy a few minutes of what is undoubtedly a terrible life.

Poor little guy - he was truly fucked at birth. Chrissyb said:. Last edited: Jan 7, Forevernever said:. Don't forget the hand like a rotten plum Oct 13, 5 18 Frederick, MD. I think her right tit is bigger than his head Dec 12, 3, 63 41 Chi-Town South Side. OMG, that scarred my eyes. I totally did not expect to see eric with no pants on. He's wearing a Kelly Clarkson t-shirt! Chance00 Member. Oct 15, Eric the midget at the bunnyranch 18 Chicago. In my imagining of the event, he doesn't have enough pipe to go inside.

Like a pet, he just scratches at the front door. I think that's what Eric the midget at the bunnyranch feel. No way man, ETM's got a whole 5 inches of pulsating python hiding behind that lobster claw! In that case, they might feel him, but he has no leverage to pump. He would just fall into quick sand. She would have to do all the work. I fear if she gets too aggressive, he might slip completely Eric the midget at the bunnyranch, and we wouldn't Eric the midget at the bunnyranch able to get him out again.

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