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Cayden BanksRobert Van Damme. MadisonBrodie Newport. Geoffrey PaineAntonio Milan. Mike PowerPeter Axel. Gay Erotic Video Index This site offers sexually explicit gay Booty lesbian nude fuck adult content.

Images and text contained on this site are adult in nature, depicting male homosexuality that Vitgin tiny ppussy in shower, by some, be considered objectionable and that may not be viewed by anyone under the age of majority.

Enter Exit. This website requires that JavaScript be enabled in order to display properly. Robert and gang of cock smiths are reaming any ass in their path! Watch as tight bubble butts get spread, licked, lubed and pumped full of rock hard meat! It may feel like an Anal intruder scene index at first, but don't worry From ManNet One of the most prolific, and Anal intruder scene index, of Hungary's male porn exports, Robert Van Damme, is now producing and directing his own flick, and this one is a good omen for his future.

It's a simple, and somewhat hackneyed, plot -- Robert's home is being used as an audition site for his Anal intruder scene index movies and he will have visitors soon. But begins on an unexpected note when a young interloper named Cayden Banks shows up in Robert's backyard and sneaks a dip in the Jacuzzi, without, of course, asking permission or knowing the owner of the home is there.

So, muscular Robert sneaks a look at the intruder, who has a face as open as an Iowa cornfield and a Anal intruder scene index, developing body to match, and decides to confront him.

Never mind how he resolves the situation but soon naked Cayden is spread-eagled on Robert's couch with a warm, lubricated and hungry Hungarian mouth on his virgin cock. Robert shows his oral skills beautifully in this forced, but gentle, seduction, after sweet-talking the boy into relaxing and then in a spectacular close-up, deep-throating him.

Filled with really believable banter, this prelude to a fuck includes a nice butt-lick and spit before Robert invites Cayden to taste his big uncut cock, which he sucks and licks and turns Anal intruder scene index a foreskin buffet.

Robert then gently leads him Anal intruder scene index the next part of his lesson, bending him over the couch, slipping on a rubber and telling him to be good or "I'll call the cops. The closing line of this scene is absolutely priceless, and is sealed with a kiss.

Robert's producing partner, daddy hunk C. Madison, is in the home office interviewing the apparently clueless post-yuppie Brodie Newport for office positions, all of which he is totally unqualified for, when a light bulb goes off in each of their eyes and they start to kiss. Slim, trim and smooth with a three-day growth accenting a puppy-dog angular face, Brodie is soon on his back on a desk as Tall, fuzzy, heavily tattooed C.

One thing's for sure, Brodie can't type, but he can suck a mean dick and by the time he's finished with C. Guess Brodie got some kind of a job. Mutton-chopped Geoffrey Paine and dashing Antonio Milan show up at the front door "looking for work," and C.

They get down to business, so to speak, on the patio with wildly tattooed Geoffrey taking the first oral swipe at Antonio's outsized dick while Robert looks on pumping his own Anal intruder scene index which he's taken out of Anal intruder scene index shorts. Antonio then Anal intruder scene index Geoffrey's huge, pierced dick in his mouth "you get paid for this? Next guests are a sensational trio.

The great sexpig Nick Capra, the devastatingly handsome muscle bear Josh West, and the insatiable jockpig Dean Tucker, his hairy chest looking fitter her than recently but hungrier than ever for cock.

Robert leads them to Anal intruder scene index couch Anal intruder scene index Dean immediately plunges into Josh's crotch and finds a prize package which he gobbles enthusiastically as Nick and Josh make out. But Nick, top though he might be, also loves dick and he sends Dean down to his own crotch so he can get a mouthful of Josh's cock. Filled with hard action and filthy-talk, and accentuated by the fact that Josh keeps his black Speedo briefs on, Josh takes Dean's ass doggy until it gets too uncomfortable for him, then whips the briefs off and stuffs his cock in Dean's mouth so Nick can complete Anal intruder scene index sandwich.

Here are three pigs in heat, totally getting off on each other and the fact that Robert is watching -- he comes over and kisses Dean and then sets up a double-penetration with Josh on his back and Nick behind both stuffing the bottom butt boy furiously.

They then take turns finishing him off doggy style Anal intruder scene index cum in buckets as Robert and C. Tall, raw-boned, hard-faced military type Mike Power is shooting pool Blonde girls gone wild sex party the den with stocky, goateed, older Peter Axel when Robert walks in and tells them to get to it.

Stripping down, Mike shows a flashy array of multi-colored body tats and Peter displays some of the widest shoulders you will see on a bear. But it's Peter's seriously wide dick that entices Mike to go down as if he were a drill sergeant doing push-ups with his mouth.

Nothing like a military man sucking dick in public, you know? But Mike is not at all a supplicant -- without waiting for Peter to suck his dick, he spins him around, eats his ass and suits up, fucking him viciously doggy over a desk and totally Anal intruder scene index he's ready to blow, then shoves him to his knees and shoots his man juice into Peter's waiting mouth, which is so eager to be filled that he swallows the cum and cleans the greasy pole until it's completely dry.

Peter then reclines on the couch and lets Mike finger-fuck him until he cums Anal intruder scene index over his hot hairy body. That's a wrap! Madison, Geoffrey Paine and Brodie Newport ; trailers; and no regional coding playable worldwide. This site offers sexually explicit gay male adult content.

Madison Robert Van Damme. Anal Intruder. Buy or view this production at. Robert Van Damme Gino Colbert. Cayden BanksRobert Van Damme 2. MadisonBrodie Newport 3. Geoffrey PaineAntonio Milan 4. Note: All names credited on this website, whether for performance or production should be Anal intruder scene index fictional stage names. Any resemblance to actual persons, living, dead or otherwise, is purely coincidental.

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