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During his time serving under the Fourth Hokagehe was taught the Flying Thunder Formation Techniquethe seal for which they have marked on the Fifth Hokageso that they can travel to her at any time. He's been described as strict, serious, clumsy and methodical. He has Tsunade and shisune pixxx spiky hair, dark eyes and wears the standard attire of the Konoha shinobi complete with a forehead protector and the standard flak jacket.

He also tends to wear small appendages on his hand ranging from black bandages to metal rings on his fingers. As a child, Tsunade and shisune pixxx wore a red coloured bandage over the bridge of his nose and a red shirt with Tsunade and shisune pixxx trimmings. After the Hokage explained about Kabuto, Orochimaru's spy, he suggested cancelling the exams, but was talked out of it by Anko MitarashiKakashi Hatakeand the Hokage, due to Orochimaru 's Tsunade and shisune pixxx warning.

He kept the Third informed about what was going on and communicated the Third's wishes to the other ninja involved with the exams. Despite being wounded and rendered unconscious by several kunai to his chest, he survived and made a full recovery. Shizune stabilised their conditions and she and Iwashi took them back to Konoha for further treatment. While recuperating in the hospitalthey spoke to Tsunade telling her what had happened.

They noted that the Sound Four were no longer Tsunade and shisune pixxx the arts of shinobi and that genin could not be sent to confront them.

In the anime, the team scoped out a known Akatsuki bounty station where they accost an associate of the organisation. After stating that they would send him to Ibiki Morino to be interrogated, they then launched a stake-out of the area. Kakuzu was, however, able to defend against it by hardening himself. He later stands with Aoba as Asuma imparts his final words to his team before dying. He then covered Asuma's face with his cloak as it began to rain, and stated that his death befitted a true shinobi.

He later attended Asuma's funeral with the rest of the villagers, mourning his death. However, Genma told him not to make fun of them as it was their job and that without medals they wouldn't know what was honourable and what wasn't. Genma then told him that if he just stood around thinking of medals, he'd never get one, and to remain alert as they were going to relocate soon. He informed Mei that while they could use the technique, they had to do so altogether and apologised for being so packed together.

As soon as Tsunade, who is marked with the seal, was transported to the battlefield, they transported Mei to the Tsunade and shisune pixxx. He later stood with his team-mates behind the Kage as they confronted Madara Uchiha. The four men then gave chase to him but their target Tsunade and shisune pixxx soon slapped Tsunade and shisune pixxx by A who was attacking Madara.

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Part I: 75 kg Konohagakure Allied Shinobi Forces. Jutsu Flying Thunder Formation Technique.

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