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What kind of person wins the pinnacle honor of the entertainment industry, the coveted EGOT? Let's defer to Tracy Jordan, the fictional character who brought the term into the popular lexicon when he decided to pursue one on 30 Rock. In reality, Tracy is only half right.

EGOTs are typically won by very talented people, not necessarily crazy ones. In fact, for most who win the four awards that comprise the EGOT, getting there seems almost effortless. Tracy jordan ego t necklace awards season rattles on, let's look at the cultural history of this phenomenon. That's it! Easy enough! The concept's explosion since that episode aired came as a surprise to the team behind the NBC comedy, who just thought they were reimagining a bit of pop-culture ephemera when they had Tracy Morgan's comedian decide to try for the grand slam after seeing Thomas' old necklace in a jewelry store.

He notices her Emmy, and realizes it's actually a Daytime Emmy, part of the subsection of trophies given out to the content that doesn't air in primetime. Goldberg scoffs, "It still counts. Girl's gotta Tracy jordan ego t necklace Thomas, for his part, sort of cleared things up when Thrillist spoke to him. Or he didn't. It's hard to tell. When first asked if a Daytime Emmy counted he said, no, but then when asked again if it had to be a primetime award he replied, "No, no, whatever.

You can win all four of those awards -- however you get it. The upshot: They do count, at least if you go by the many internet lists of EGOT winners, which Whoopi is generally included on without an asterisk. As with any rarified honor, it's actually a relatively short list of 15 people total. Seven of them have been musicians, which makes sense given that writing songs is arguably the easiest way to get recognition by all four organizations.

Tracy Jordan also learns this and tries to record a very bad track. Hepburn won her posthumous Emmy for a garden tour series. Multi-hyphenates Mel Brooks and Mike Nichols won for a variety of endeavors over their careers in comedy and in behind-the-scenes pursuits.

Finally, master producer Scott Rudin has crossed the Tracy jordan ego t necklace line in puppet-master fashion, pulling the strings behind a variety of productions.

There's also a whole group of entertainers who've won what's viewed as an honorary EGOT, meaning that one or more of the awards came via a lifetime achievement-type award. A ton of people! We'll see! Follow her on Twitter ezwrites. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. Fork Yeah. What's an EGOT? Share on Facebook Pin it. Do Daytime Emmys count?

Who has an EGOT? Who is close to Free porn safe twink an EGOT? Want Tracy jordan ego t necklace Like Us.

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