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Update Account. Daddy's Milk. Disclaimer: This story is Suck sperm from bottle. Any resemblance to real persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Daddy's Milk, Chapter 1 By Ramrod The moment I closed the door behind me and put down my briefcase, I Minna sugarmummy hot pussy free without agent my pants, letting my hard cock spring free.

I had been horny all day at work and my hard-on had tormented me all the way home. Finally I would get some release. Her breasts, filling with milk, strained against the confines of her bra. Her already big and round ass had gained weight in all the right places.

But it was her belly, swollen with an eight-month pregnancy that was the true object of my lust. The belly, my son growing inside, jiggled lewdly as she approached me.

I bucked my hips in response. We had done this literally every day ever since we found out she was pregnant. Even so, my body produced no shortage of semen for my baby boy. I spent the last eight months in a haze of sexual pleasure.

Already primed by hours of lust, I felt the cum rising from Suck sperm from bottle balls only a minute later. My wife, now an expert in the blowjob, swallowed every drop of my copious cum without spilling a bit. The child growing inside her would have no shortage of food tonight.

Finally, my orgasm subsided. Finally, I pulled out and sat down beside my wife, kissing her bulging belly. I thought of my sperm being digested inside her and fed to my son. It was the closest thing I could get to fucking a baby without being arrested. I was tormented by memories of my pregnant wife sucking me off, knowing that my baby was drinking my jizz.

Without release, I was constantly horny. I was never Suck sperm from bottle premature ejaculator before but, after my son was born, I jizzed in my pants twice, and once in my cubicle at work. I fucked my wife often but it never seemed to satisfy me. Feeding it to an unborn fetus was one thing, but what I had in mind was illegal! I looked Suck sperm from bottle at the bottle of milk I was preparing and an idea sprung into my head. Instantly, I knew what I had to do.

My cock inflated instantly as I pulled it out of my pants. My heart beating with nervousness, I pointed it into the milk and started to masturbate. It only took a few pumps of my deprived penis to send huge wads of cum dropping noisily into the milk. After an incredibly long orgasm, I warmed the bottle in the microwave, screwed the nipple over the top and gave it to my son. I had another hands-free orgasm in my pants as I watched him sucking down the cum-laced milk.

Before he could fill up Average breast size japan milk, I pulled the bottle from his mouth. He whimpered. The sight of my sweet, innocent baby boy, opening his mouth and begging daddy for sperm drove me insane. With a deep groan and a few hard strokes, my cock fired huge, manly Hot blonde lesbians with big tits of jizz straight into his angelic face.

Much of it went straight into his mouth, but my cock jerked wildly and a lot splattered all over his face and onto the couch. After full minutes of ecstasy, my orgasm died down and, for the first time in months, I felt truly relieved of my lust. He swallowed it all eagerly. After his meal, he giggled happily and went to sleep. For a while afterwards, the baby would cry whenever we gave him a bottle of milk. My wife wondered why he suddenly stopped liking milk, but on some level, I think she knew.

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