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It doesn't matter your sexual orientation or your taste in anime genres. How can we deny the chance to watch beautiful girls seducing each other and maybe getting some action?! Yuri content is not new to anime, Sexy anime girls yuri we can definitely say that those stories that get an anime adaptation are just a minority in the vast sea of yuri manga and light novels.

Sure, using your imagination to fill in the blanks is fine, but watching girls kissing and touching in all of their audiovisual glory is even better! So, how about visiting some of the best yuri ecchi anime in existence?

Cutie Honey Universe is the latest entry in the Cutie Honey franchise, a classic shounen anime that became famous Sexy anime girls yuri its use of yuri Naked sexy girl models. However, the plot and characters here are nowhere near the original adaptation, so watching it should be considered merely as an introduction to Cutie Honey and not as the "ultimate experience" for Cutie Honey fans.

When the first thing you see is two hot girls in bikinis making out during some sort of pool party, then you know Cutie Honey Universe is not fooling around. Sure, the next couple you see enjoying themselves may not be that hot, but to each their own, right?

Even if it could have been better, the one thing that any Cutie Honey story must respect is that love is always in the air and sexual tension moves the plot forward. Now you know what they mean by "action" anime! As soon as she arrives, a set of cute and sexy girls approach her in more than friendly ways, and so a number of misunderstandings and lewd scenes unfold. Don't ask why every girl here has a yuri inclination or why everyone is comfortable with groping; just sit back and enjoy it!

Tachibanakan Triangle's plot is just an excuse to Sexy anime girls yuri girls touching each other or being naked, so having three-minute episodes is not that bad in this case. To be honest with you, this is by no means Sexy anime girls yuri best yuri anime you will find, but it's hard to avoid it when you only need 40 minutes to binge it, right?

Ok, this is not a yuri anime, but how far would you go to find good yuri ecchi scenes? If you want to know, then you can try watching Kuzu no Honkai, a really good anime with a really hard to swallow plot. Kuzu no Honkai is the story of two heart-broken adolescents faking a relationship just so they can avoid loneliness.

The thing is, Hanabi and Mugi are in love with their teachers, who happen to be dating each other. As now we don't really care about straight couples, let's talk about Hanabi's friend Sanae, a girl who secretly loves her after she saved her from a sex offender. Unlike other options here, what starts as your typical drama anime suddenly transforms into something way more obscure, but not before giving us a lot of yuri ecchi material to enjoy, courtesy of Sanae and Hanabi.

Remember, Kuzu no Honkai is not for everyone Imagine a world where bears can transform into humans and get along with them. Now, imagine a world where a meteor impact transforms this once pacific bears into killing machines craving for human meat. Well, that's how society lives in this Sexy anime girls yuri, one where humans and bears are only separated by a wall.

Yes, this is still a list about yuri ecchi anime! Ginko and Lulu are two bears who Boobs and vagina porn themselves as girls, trying to infiltrate an all-girls school and eat every student they encounter.

However, the death of Sumika Izumino unravels a lot of secrets regarding bears, humans, and the mysterious Invisible Storm. With every episode, ecchi Ghetto gaggers white girls between girls become more and more common, and they don't even need a reason to flirt. If you Sexy anime girls yuri steamy scenes and a weird story with a few plot twists, try watching Yurikuma Arashi.

Let's move on to a more recent story, but one where the yuri content comes from an abusive relationship between friends. Aside of the yuri ecchi part, Netsuzou TRap also deals with subverted NTR situations; the problem being that not every person likes netorare, and with ten-minute episodes, there's not much you can do to help the situation.

The main character is Yuma Okazaki, a sweet girl discovering love with her first boyfriend. The other girl involved is Hotaru Mizushina, her childhood friend now turned into an abusive and jealous lover wannabe.

As Yuma asks Hotaru for some words of advice in terms of dating, she takes advantage and goes beyond friendship while sabotaging Yuma's relationship. But wait, what if Yuma secretly enjoys kissing and touching Hotaru? If you're looking for something short then your best bet is Kuttsukiboshi, a two-episode OVA with a straight-to-the-point plot. Although this is the story of 2 young lovers discovering themselves, Kuttsukiboshi Princess leia slave nude also an anime about trust and lust, with a supernatural element in between.

The couple here consists of Kiiko Sexy anime girls yuri and Aaya Saitou, a girl with psychic powers and her closest, horny friend. Even if they have feelings for each other, part of the "love" comes from sharing a secret and the uncertainty of not knowing what would happen if said secret was used as blackmailing material. If you think this is something dark, then please take a look at the second half of the first episode and what happens later on!

Sure, there are some plot holes and this story would have been better if explored with more time and calm, but you can always overlook all of that Princess leia slave nude favor of the sex scenes. Sexy anime girls yuri Trick is the tender story of 2 high school friends trying to protect their friendship, and it all started with a kiss.

As they got seats apart from each other Haruka Sexy anime girls yuri jealous of Yuu as many new potential friends quickly got in the way, and so they kissed to show their fidelity… but nobody would kiss a friend just to prove a point, right?

These girls evidently had something going on, and one kiss led to another, and another, and another. What a way to start the high school years! As we mentioned before, you won't find many Sexy anime girls yuri scenes here and things never really get as hot as in other recommendations, but Sakura Trick is really good if you like moe things and comedy in your yuri anime.

As for the ecchi part, double meaning and sexy camera shots are an integral part of the story. And so is people —especially Yuu's older sister— trying to figure out what's actually going on between the girls!

How wrong they were! She's a second personality of Illyasviel von Einzbern, a darker version of her who conveniently drains her magical energy through kissing in order to Raven symone sex videos alive. Another magical energy source for her is Illya's friend Miyu, so basically we're talking Sexy anime girls yuri a mahou shoujo anime with a girl frequently french kissing her companions.

Kids anime, huh? Sexy anime girls yuri say you can do anything with just the power of love, but Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid takes it to another level. After being abducted, Mamori Tokonome wakes up only to find herself on an island in the middle of nowhere, and 2 girls wearing bikinis come to greet her.

Oh, but don't think Mamori is on unexpected vacations! Suddenly, one of these women starts touching the other's breasts, thus transforming her into some kind of heavy Sexy anime girls yuri gun.

If you think that's weird enough, a few seconds later Mirei Shikishima falls from the sky and protects Mamori, kissing her, touching her, and transforming Mamori herself into a sword. From there on, Mamori and Mirei will have to find a way out of Mermaid Island and some answers about the situation, but you can be sure that yuri ecchi scenes are just getting started. Pro tip: there's also an uncensored version! After her father's death and her mother found a new love, Yuzu finds herself moving to a new city and starting life in a new school.

Being a popular gyaru, this was the perfect opportunity to cause the best first impression and conquer every boy's heart On top of it, her new step-sister is the student council president, and she's not happy with Yuzu's happy-go-lucky attitude. Citrus tries to be the dramatic story of a lesbian "incestuous" not blood-related relationship, full of hot scenes but sometimes adding some comedic relief to soften your heart.

While Yuzu is sweet and cute, Mei is harsh and manipulative as she doesn't care about love; for Mei, kissing and teasing her sister is a way of demonstrating who's in charge of the situation, but Yuzu's unexplored feelings may change that sooner or later. You have fanservice, you have relatively developed characters and you have a plot so, as long as yuri anime goes, Citrus is one of the best and most recent options out there.

A good yuri ecchi anime is not that easy to find, and the offer generally divides into slice of life Sexy anime girls yuri with cute girls flirting at each other or some random action anime with an excuse to have girls in revealing outfits, touching and kissing like there's no tomorrow. On the other hand, shoujo-ai is slowly gaining ground, and there's a lot of new anime with yuri innuendo but without really showing us girl-on-girl action.

We hope to see you soon browsing Honey's Anime but, before you go, maybe you can help other fellow anime lovers in need. Do you know any cool yuri ecchi anime aside from these 10 recommendations? Several of them are already quite old, that's for sure, but some are still considered jewels of the genre!

I'm Rod, and when I'm not watching anime or playing video games I'm probably writing about them, Sexy anime girls yuri I'm also a graphic and web designer, and I even published a comic book and worked like 4 years for a well-known MMORPG. Curiously, my favorite series are quite different from each other, so I'm still trying to understand what I really like in an anime Previous Articles.

Yuri, if you ask me, is the purest form of love. Why is that? The group of friends form the Amusement Club — a club with activities that consist of basically lazing around and doing random fun activities. I think this is the third time I mentioned Yuru Yuri in my articles and for good reason because Yuru Yuri is one of the best shows when it comes to yuri fanservice.

Hideo Yoshino is your typical Sexy anime girls yuri schoolgirl who one Sexy anime girls yuri was transported back in Sexy anime girls yuri while praying at a local shrine to help her with her upcoming test.

She is sent back to the Sengoku Period when Japan was in Sexy anime girls yuri conflict. During this time, Yoshino met one of the of the three warlords of that time, Oda Nobunaga.

However, there is something amiss: Oda Nobunaga and the entire population are all women. The yuri fanservice is on the lighter side, Sexy anime girls yuri entertaining. Seeing Akechi Mitsuhide getting all jealous and thinking pervy things about Oda Nobunaga offers great laughs. I wonder how the real Oda Nobunaga would react if he saw that his female version is a tall redhead with huge boobs and wears a skimpy and impractical getup. Yasaka Mahiro, your Sexy anime girls yuri and blandest boy fact around was minding his own business until he met a mysterious girl named Nyaruko.

This girl is a special agent who was sent to Earth to protect Mahiro from monsters. African black nacked women are the monsters after Mahiro?

Does he have something that they want? And who is Nyaruko? And is H. Lovecraft rolling in his grave after he found out Japan turned his Eldritch horrors into cute and sexy girls? While technically not a yuri show, it does have a good amount of yuri fanservice thanks to our lovely Eldritch abomination Cthuko aka Sexy anime girls yuri lustful and fiery red hair twintails girl… or something.

Cthuko literally jumps at Nyaruko every time Nyaruko does something suggestive like seducing the main hero Yasaka Mahiro. If your wish is to become a girl, then Senou Natsuru is one of the luckiest guy on the planet, as he can do just that. The story is lackluster and it made me feel bad just to write the synopsis The main draw is the yuri fanservice mainly because the characters and their designs are hot, the main villain is also hot and they all want the female Natsuru.

Kawakami Kiiko is a girl with supernatural powers: she can move things with Sexy anime girls yuri mind. Kiiko Sexy anime girls yuri an attractive young girl named Saitou Aaya and starts developing feelings towards her.

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