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Plug up that hole when you are not using it! Force your submissive to keep their mouth open at all times with this sadistic and unique Leather rubber hood fetish harness. Even just Leather rubber hood fetish it on your slave will turn you on.

Have your way with their body, pleasing, teasing, tormenting… and listen to their muffled moans and gasps through the muzzle. Remove the stopper to hear them better or to invade their mouth! Your naughty little pet will feel sensually helpless in this head harness.

Measurements: - Gag extends 1. Confine your pet in a blackout hood that deprives them of sight, sound, and speech! This hood includes lacing at the back and three buckles, including the collar, that allow you to customize the fit and bind your lover in tight confinement.

The padded blindfold portion is comfortable and ensures that they will have no idea what you have in store for them as you punish, please, and tease their vulnerable body. The holes at the nose allow for unrestricted breathing, but the ear area is completely closed so that they will hear only muffled sounds around them that will leave them helpless to your desires. The unique mouth feature pushes into their mouth like a ring-gag, opening them up so that they are unable to speak and all their moans and gasps will be muffled, particularly with the plug in place.

Remove the plug to open them up to your preferred violation. A D-ring on the collar gives you the option to attach a leash, clamps, or a variety of other BDSM accessories. Measurements: Mouth hole is 1. Collar adjusts from 14 to 19 inches in circumference. Head straps adjust from 26 to 32 inches in circumference. Keep your submissive incognito with this Spandex 3-Hole Hood.

This comfortable open-mouth and eyes hood is designed to stretch completely Leather rubber hood fetish the head, while the Leather rubber hood fetish fabric makes breathing and hearing a snap. Best of all, your subject can still see Leather rubber hood fetish you still have access to their mouth! This is a soft black leather harness which is used to strap a dildo onto the head, protruding from the face.

It has adjustable leather straps that wrap securely around the head and chin. This harness will work with any dildo with balls or a sufficiently flared base and a shaft diameter between 1. This leather slave hood is a must have for any dungeon bondage play.

Use sensory depravation to control your submissive. This leather hood includes Leather rubber hood fetish removable blindfold and removable leather gag that snap off. This bondage slave hood is made of glove soft leather and laces up the back. A lighter weight model of the classic hood! A good hood for "new comers" to the world of hoods and masks! One size fits most. The eyes and mouth have zippers that make it fun torment your slave, Making him wonder what is coming next and wait in darkness as you Leather rubber hood fetish your next implement to make your helplessly bound slave jump.

Or, unzip the eyes and make your slave watch as you inflict his punishment. Or just unzip the mouth and make him guess what you are going to stuff in it. Let them watch as your get your bondage rope and bondage cuffs ready for use. This bdsm hood is made of butter soft leather with zippers. This red ball gag harness uses a gummy gag which fills the mouth well and keeps Leather rubber hood fetish quiet.

For those not requiring locking buckles then these standard d-rings will do the trick. Just cinch them down to get a nice tight fit. For those that will make this gag their own personal device Leather rubber hood fetish can trim the excess leather ends if any. Plenty of strap is provided to fit all heads. Secures under the chin with Leather rubber hood fetish buckle style strap and around the top and back with the d-ring style buckle.

Value priced. Ball gag diameter is a reasonable 1. Pull this stylish black hood over your slave's head and immerse them in darkness. The only opening is a black zippered mouth piece which can be closed depending on what you have in store.

The spandex material stretches for a snug fit but allows your submissive to Leather rubber hood fetish easily. Sensory deprivation heightens awareness in other areas of the body. With only the mouth opening, your slave will not be able to see what you're doing or going to do. This ultra restrictive locking ball gag harness will make sure your sub will not be able to wriggle their way free.

With straps running behind the head, one going under the chin, and one supporting the gag, your partner will be restrained from all angles.

The straps have multiple points of adjustability to ensure a comfortable, tight fit. Made of sturdy, flexible leather and heavy duty metal hardware, this quality piece is as beautiful as it is effective. Measurements: gag measures 1. Authentic military gas mask worn over the entire head as a full rubber hood. This gas mask is made from heavy duty rubber.

Forget the straps of the other gas mask styles, this hood stretches over the entire head. Comes with one cylinder for breathing.

This is real fully functional gas mask in an army carry bag. It's hard to describe the feeling a rubber mask inspires. Bondage enthusiast are going to really like this one. This restrictive and sensual hood has two eye and two small nostril holes without a mouth hole. The skin tight hood practically seals the mouth making very difficult to speak.

Its can really be considered a gag. The nose holes are small making breathing slightly more difficult, this effect can be a big turn on for those who like breath play. Latex clothing is designed to offer a skin tight fit at affordable prices.

This one-size mask is made of high quality latex materials requiring a small amount of Leather rubber hood fetish. Made of very strong, durable, stretchy rubber, it allows a tight conforming fit. Note: this hood should be used with caution. The nose holes are small requiring the utmost care. Using a little corn starch can make it much easier to get the hood on. Don't be afraid to stretch this one out.

Look the part in your private dungeon. This black leather hood has adjustable laces on the back. This menacing looking leather muzzle has a skull-like design and a snap-on blindfold. It is held securely in place by four straps, four lockable chrome buckles, and a collar. Locks sold separately. Leather Executioner Hood with detachable eye blinders and mouthpiece.

Made from high quality, soft, durable, real leather. All edges of this quality item are folded and stitched for added decor and a finished look. Even the eye and mouth holes have folded and stitched edging. Leather rubber hood fetish blinder pieces connect via snaps.

Zipper Leather rubber hood fetish in back with two adjustable buckles at the base of the neck.

In the back, there are four lace-up one inch D-rings per side, spaced vertically about two inches apart. These two vertical rows are placed symmetrically about 2.

A lace is included. The lace-up D-rings can be Leather rubber hood fetish to make a tighter fit or, for securing the wearer to a table or post. The Leather rubber hood fetish of this is neatly formed in leather Leather rubber hood fetish does not have holes.

There are no holes for the ears as well. Top quality for serious players. Lovely naked ass on beach animal face hood is hand crafted from Leather rubber hood fetish white, pink and blue garment leather by highly skilled seamstresses.

Careful attention to shaping detail makes for an excellent fit. The Bunny Hood is great for sensory deprivation play. The mouth-hole is a small nickel plated eyelet that measures 1.

Leather rubber hood fetish eyes are circular blue leather patches that each have a 1 inch in diameter and nine small holes to see through, making Leather rubber hood fetish quite minimal.

An added benefit to the Bunny Hood is the buckling pink Latigo leather collar strap. The collar strap has a lockable buckle and an attachment point for a small lock not includedso that the wearer can't remove the hood. The collar strap adds to the secure feel and look of the Bunny Hood, and provides a place to attach a leash or chains.

The collar is decorated and disguised with a large pink leather bow. The Bunny Hood threads up the back using a durable leather lace strung through nine pairs of silver cinch rings.

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