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When it comes to doing large insertions, dildos and fists go hand in hand. Fisting takes Large fist inside the vagina to Large fist inside the vagina whole new level and is a more niche activity than most, commonly appearing within the BDSM scene.

Knowing how to fist a vagina properly obviously takes skill and care. As with most things, patience is a virtue and lubrication is your best friend. This kink is one which can be pleasurable for all partners involved but needs to be done safely. When you decide that you Large fist inside the vagina your girlfriend lets you want to try fist a vagina, it may be hard to know where to start. Large fist inside the vagina you even think about getting naked, you need to be able to maintain good communication with your girl.

Talk about safety limits to understand what both of you would like to do and what would be too much. Normally people who identify as a masochist someone who enjoys pain and have a higher pain threshold like fisting. Porn videos heavily influence the expectations people have around porn. All porn videos are edited for maximum viewer enjoyment and erotic factor. In reality, fisting is an activity which takes longer to prepare for and to do safely.

Nor show you the sex aftercare practised afterwards to keep the woman comfortable. Get into the mood and turn each other on through kissing and foreplay. You should both be excited to have sex and to try fisting rather than get too nervous about it. Showering together and giving her a full body massage can be a super sensual way to get ready for intimacy. Or at least having extensive foreplay! Use lube throughout when you start touching her intimately.

You want to start off by touching her externally before using any toys or fingers. Fingering should introduce one finger at a time to let her stretch slowly. Combine this with a bullet vibrator on her clit and gentle thrusts with your fingers to really get her going. Check that the lube is compatible with the sex toys you use Large fist inside the vagina. When you start any insertion, you should start off with getting your girlfriend aroused and relaxed.

Then begin penetration with something small before you gradually increase size and speed of anything internal. Putting a condom over any sex toys will also help keep everything clean.

Throughout any physical warm up period, re apply lube regularly to let it glide in and reduce friction.

If your girlfriend begins to tighten up, go back a step and gradually let her adjust. Finger her gently before you increase the number, ideally re apply lube with each finger and vary the sensations.

Talk to your girlfriend to find out what she enjoys best. Applying more lube will help if you want to try and slide your hand in further over the knuckles. Curving your hand will help it slide in rather than keeping it flat like a salute.

Gently ease it in and out of her while regularly applying lube. Once you pass the knuckles your hand should taper again towards your wrist. This section ought to be easier to insert and allow for more pleasure as you rotate.

While your hand is busy, use your other to touch her clit or elsewhere on her body. Combine fisting her with oral attention to really give Large fist inside the vagina more bliss. If your girl starts to get sore, be gentler or pause the session for a while to stay safe.

After any fisting activity, you should make sure your partner is okay. Talk about the experience and discuss anything either of you especially liked or think you could improve on. Good sex after care is always important after any activity but especially after something more hard core.

Extreme insertions like fisting often can cause small tears internally or externally. Any aches or cramps immediately after fisting again are to be expected but if these persist again you should seek medical attention. How to fist Large fist inside the vagina vagina — a complete guide for beginners Marian Robinson June 28, News Uncategorized. Close By using this site you agree to our privacy settings We use Sugarcookies!

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