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A couple of weeks ago Lady sonia bound and gagged guy contacted me on Twitter and asked if I had ever been made to orgasm continually while in bondage. I told him that I had a couple of times at parties and he Palm springs midget town me that he had a thing about making married women to orgasm continually while in bondage and he said that perhaps it would be good to record it on video for the site here.

I thought about it for couple of days and then said ok Free sex pics amateurs I have never shot anything like this before and a date was arranged. I was actually Lady sonia bound and gagged nervous as the ground rules had to be that I was completely secured in bondage tied to the couch and he insisted that he was going to use my VERY powerful 'mains powered' Hitachi vibrator on me.

The guy is married so had to be hooded and after just a few minutes it was very obvious that he knew what he was doing Lady sonia bound and gagged pulling me about and exploring my entire body with his hands he placed the Hitachi on my clit and my first orgasm came quite quickly but after that it was sheer torture!

My now hyper sensitive clit was not left alone as I squirmed and trembled and I came over and over again as he enjoyed himself with me! This was an experience which is almost impossible to describe unless you are a Lady sonia bound and gagged and you really have to see it for yourself to understand the sheer torture and intensity of my hyper sensitive clit just not being left alone! I have been a genuine exhibitionist for over thirty years and the whole reason that I started my site is because I really LOVE to show off and be watched.

You are just a click away from opening the window into a private world of sexual exploration. Not only will you have unlimited access to all of the unique content I have shot over the years together with all brand new updates, but you will also have access to dozens of other websites and thousands of naughty photos and videos! I really love to explore so why don't you come inside and then we can explore together? Click here to read more Similar Videos Similar. Bondage And Ball Gag Orgasms.

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