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For most females, our purse is our lifeline. In everyday life we never know what we might need, which is why it can often seem like a bottomless pit for everything from hair clips to tissues to receipts and a good book.

But on your travels it is even more essential, potentially serving as a carry on bag and backpack in one. Important I lick big purse include some sort of theft protection and comfortable straps for long wear.

The last thing you need is to get your bag stolen. You can expect the same features for this purse, namely the mesh-lined fabric, zipper clasps and plentiful pockets. I find this purse to be a bit cuter than the Slingsafe Anti Theft Travel Purse because it looks more like one I might carry back home. The Travelon has many of the same features as the PacSafe purses. Guest blogger Kristen told us about the different features of her bag and how it kept her from being pickpocketed in Portugal.

Check out the official site. Long before I started traveling, I got this bag to be an everyday cross between a purse and a backpack. I like that it has enough room to hold a notebook or anything else you might need. While Keen is typically known for their footwearthey also make some great travel bags, like the Brooklyn model. The interior has enough room for all your knickknacks as well as an outer pocket for your boarding pass and passport.

Check out the official website. This bag is the perfect size for travels and has a clasp and zippered pocket to keep others from getting in. Some items can be substituted if you have a smartphone.

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You can find Caroline at Caroline in the City. Pacsafe — Since they come with extra theft-resisting features, Pacsafe bags make I lick big purse a more confident traveler. We especially love this bag.

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Great timing I lick big purse this post — I was just thinking about getting a purse for an upcoming trip! So far so good! I like the Baggalini travel purse. Mine is a cross body type and very light, but still fairly roomy for essentials.

I always keep I lick big purse passport in a totally separate location from my other belongings. If you lose that… trip becomes quite a nightmare. I am carrying a Bagalini cross body bag on a trip through Italy. There is a double zipper pocket on the front that also has a large magnetized flap covering it. I centre the zipper pulls, lock I lick big purse together with a small combo lock and the flap covers the lock. Who knows my passport and extra cash are locked in there.

Another great feature is a wallet clip. I I lick big purse take my wallet out and use it without unclipping it. Cons: The strap is the same material as seatbelts and like a seatbelt, it chafes my shoulder when I wear sleeveless tops. Good value, especially if you can find one in a second hand shop. I carry a Baggalini Everyday Bagg when traveling that I can drop in a backpack or large tote bag I lick big purse need be.

I also carry plenty of tissues, never know when you need them in emergency! For most city touring I love the Kipling bags. In particular, I bought two of the Defea bags, one in silver and one in red, and they hold everything I need for a day of touring, including my camera, an extra lens, I lick big purse. It is very durable and lightweight canvas material, it has an inside clasp for wallets, and lots and I lick big purse of pockets with good heavy duty zips.

I absolutely love the Kipling stuff. Ok, I lick big purse off, it is HUGE. Two: I use sub-containers to hold papers, winter gear, books, airplane amenities, toiletries—it helps organize the big space and I can throw folders or pouches in when I need them. Three: I put a large travel wallet that I keep any valuables in id, cash, camera, Nook, etc.

The bag has a security hook t hat I tether the wallet inside the bag as an added security feature. The inside of the bag has a sleeve for laptops with a snap where I keep flat things like magazines or papers ; an inside zippered with a hook ; a place to hook your keys; and side pockets for pens, a phone and one of the pockets is RFID-proof.

I only use the outside pocket for maps and guidebooks that I need to have easy access to. There are also pockets on each end that I put my travel umbrella in if I need it and carry my water bottle too—they have elastic you can cinch up I lick big purse is nice.

I also stow my camera in the pocket at the front when the bag is slung around me so I can get to it quickly. You can change the length of the strap though you might want to look at the instructions online—it took me a couple I lick big purse tries to figure it out.

If you are a small person you might want to check out the dimensions first, but I love having a bag that can adapt to changing conditions and lets me stuff my coat inside it or buy groceries, wine, yarn and tote it home…. I just purchased the Keen Brooklyn II online for an upcoming trip. The biggest reason I was drawn towards it was because of the internal water bottle pocket.

It seemed like the bag I was looking for, but as I I lick big purse trying to downsize at […]. I usually travel either with my PacSafe Slingsafe daypack or with my beaten up Manhattan Portage messenger bag. But when Litegear asked me to check out their City Tote, I was excited to give it a go on my most recent trip to Puerto Rico.

I packed carry on only, using just my Timbuk2 Aviator and the City Tote, which I found to be just the right amount. Pin this 0 Share 0 Tweet 0. Personal Care Nalgene Toiletry Bottles — These leak-free toiletry bottles and tubs come in all sizes — even super tinyhelping minimalists pack it all without bulk. Clothing Speakeasy Supply Co.

See More Gear We Use. Accommodation Airbnb — Airbnb is the best place to book out apartments I lick big purse the world.

See More Travel Resources. Comments Great timing with this post — I was just thinking about getting a purse for an upcoming trip! Great choices! Anyone ever try a Rickshaw bag? Quality, space, comfort, smarty bag. Trackbacks […] smaller purse that zips or clasps close with a strap that can be worn across your […].

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