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The body comes in all shapes and sizes. For some of us, the Lord blesses us with wider hips more than anything else. All body shapes are beautiful and unique and make every one unique. These are just some of the struggles for us wider people. I have collected the struggles from my own personal experiences and from my other Girls with wide hips who share the struggle.

These are our struggles. Believe it or not, us wide hipped people know that we have wide hips. It crosses our minds a couple times a day, mainly when we put clothes on and look in the mirror. But trust me, we Girls with wide hips our hips are wide.

The true struggle is in finding any clothes that fit your body shape, but jeans are definitely the hardest. Wide hips make it extremely to find jeans Girls with wide hips fit everywhere, from your legs, to your waist and most apparently, your hips.

You probably have to buy a size bigger, so it fits your hips. After you put the dress on you are reminded of the amount of fabric that is used to go out and cover your hips.

Thus making your dress shorter and a little less modest. Yes, we Girls with wide hips get bigger waist sizes because otherwise, our pants don't fit. Size is just a number. If you want to try that cute dress, it is going to have to Girls with wide hips on over your head. Not Girls with wide hips huge deal until it is a really poofy dress, then it is an issue.

Girls with wide hips may know about the jean-put-on dance, but they don't know how grooving we have to get to put our jeans.

Especially if they have just been washed. With wide hips comes large thighs. Summer months are hot, thigh sweat is real. Prepare to leave an imprint of your thighs on any plastic or leather. Roller-coasters, airport seats, small children chairs and some swings. The struggle is real, we just want to sit. High-waisted jeans don't work when they fit at your hips and are loose at your waist.

What's the point of them if they don't fit? Because your hips are so wide, your size Girls with wide hips jeans tend to be loose around your waist, so you wear a belt. But now your belt is bent because you are trying to keep your jeans on. I'm mean if they slip off, they will stop at your hips, but it is uncomfortable and kind of awkward.

My suggestion, find a good REAL leather belt and use that, it won't wear out as People having sex at the office. It's true. We have to pull Girls with wide hips jacket up, zip it and then pull it back down. And yes, it is annoying. They do, you look like a pear nickname for the wide hip body type. My suggestion, find a patterned dress that is distracting so it isn't as apparent that you're trying to be a Kardashian.

People tell you your hips are wide Jeans are difficult to find A dress looks long enough until you put it on. When people judge your waist dimensions on jeans. You have to put dresses on over your head. Subscribe to our Newsletter Thank you for signing up!

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