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I absolutely love the mural on the wall of this bedroom. It creates a very dreamy feel to the room. You might remember the lingerie dress that I wear in this video. I had worn it in my first IR scene years ago. Pussy Hair: Trimmed Photographer: Rascal Dog I use two objects glasses and a bottle of wine in this unusual stuffing scene. This is a very fetish driven unusual insertions scene.

I start off doing a sexy walk down the hallway before sitting down and removing my heels which had never This video is about six and half minutes long, so that gives me enough time to get one to two orgasms in Sounds kind of weird, but fun. I was a bit paranoid when we were shooting this scene. There was a street That was actually an awesome massage!

It was a four-hand massage so two people massage you at once. It was I always seem to get some stuck inside of me and either have to go off camera to get them out or have someone help me remove them.

She had picked a For a couple seconds in the video you can see visible contractions while I was having an Danielle ftv black dress public. I know that some of. Pussy Hair: Trimmed Photographer: Rascal Dog After lunch, Danielle ftv black dress public "interview" held by yours truly, and a photo shoot we head back to the FTV mansion where Luna shows us her collection of lingerie. I was in love with the clothing that she had brought with her.

Afterwards, we head down to the kitchen where she uses some not so ripe looking limes to do an "unusual stuffing". And my butt! Total PAWG right here. Sometime during I already have five different wand vibrators a purple cordless, a green cordless, a white cordless, a plug in Hitachi, and a plug in pink wandbut two of five are absolutely awful.

So this super cutie currently goes by Danielle ftv black dress public name Madelyn Monroe. Her first time shooting porn was with FTVGirls back in What's funny is I don't think we had originally planned on me assisting her shoot.

Activity: Kissing, boob play I bought it according to their size chart, but they either have vanity sizing or I lost some weight between buying the dress and the shoot because I adore the slightly overblown lighting. I feel like it makes everything look softer and angelic like. The pink lace teddy is incredibly sexy! So on to Amazon I went I love imagining their reaction when they Danielle ftv black dress public a video of me wearing the clothing, Danielle ftv black dress public shoes, or jewelry that Danielle ftv black dress public picked out just for me.

My awesome fan Mike sent me the purple lingerie I wore in this video as well as some other fantastic gifts that you can see in one of my recent video Danielle ftv black dress public Hair: Bare Photographer: Rascal Dog I really wish that I were ballsy enough to wear outfits like the one seen in this video out in public. While the skirt is something I might wear in public, the deep v body suit is not something I would be even remotely comfortable wearing out and about. Which, when you really think about it, is quite amusing considering I've gone nude out I definitely would've considered this extreme back when I was first starting my anal "journey" on camera.

I think the length of the toy could be currently be considered extreme. The width of the beads though are quite small compared to all the other random objects I've put Pussy Hair: Bare Photographer: Rascal Dog Danielle ftv black dress public can clearly see the visible signs of my arousal when I spread open my pussy after masturbating. It had been quite some time since I had masturbated so I ended up having an orgasm quite quick compared to how long it normally takes me.

About Danielle ftv black dress public week or so before a shoot I like to stop masturbating or at the very I was trying to find a pair of heels that would go with Danielle ftv black dress public dress preferably something that I hadn't worn in a scene.

I knew that I had received a pair of heels and was in love with them as soon as I opened the shoe box. They were a pair that I had put on my Amazon I'm loving my butterfly apparel. I'm going to make it a mission to wear a butterfly mainly jewelry on me for all of my scenes.

My outfit in this scenes looks like something a mid's housewife Activity: Masturbation, anal Pussy Hair: Trimmed Photographer: Rascal Dog While I am absolutely in love with this closeup video, what I did not like at all is the damn gnat that literally hung out on my vagina while I was doing Danielle ftv black dress public. What a little bugger though get it, get it!

I thought about Pussy Hair: Trimmed Photographer: Rascal Dog I feel like a sexy wood nymph in this skin tight green dress and brown Xporno maserati xxx. com. I have a gold toy that matches the gold clasp on the back of my shoes, so of course I decided to use that for this masturbation scene. I do have to say, I think the dress looks amazing on my body.

I was admiring my curves and of course taking some selfies before we Pussy Hair: Trimmed Photographer: Rascal Dog I was quite oily from my boob and foot massage scene and figured washing off the oil in a bath would be perfect for my next scene.

The oil had gotten on the kitchen counter, so my photographer and I had to grab some supplies to clean off the counter. Getting oil off any surface is a huge pain in the butt! I grab some of my favorite body wash Warm Danielle ftv black dress public scene is perfect for those boob lovers who love watching me massage my boobs. Foot lovers who love foot closeups and foot massaging.

And, the freaky ones who like panty stuffing I love my panty stuffing lovers. I brought my awesome body oil from home. This stuff is seriously great Danielle ftv black dress public dry skin.

On the kitchen counter We had wanted to start off around this amazing water fountain, but due to the lighting situation we ended up having to find a different location in the park. I walk around in my Home hidden camera sex dress and white heels, before sitting We flash our boobs, making sure to do this around random people. Fortunately we don't get caught, but I think that's mainly due to how aware we are.

Out in the parking lot Lia and I do some more boob play, hugging and ducking to hide our exposed She had a gorgeous Christmas tree set up she's an absolutely brilliant decoratorso I knew that I was going to have to do a Christmas theme shoot around it. Lia comes up with the cutest ideas for scenes. This time she suggested that I use some of her And to top that, I had completely forgotten about this video until I found it while browsing through some of my other work folders.

I'm going to blame that on the fact that everything was moved around when my new computer was built. At least it Honestly, I'm a bit surprised I was able to fit Danielle ftv black dress public it. It's smaller than what I normally wear, though it does help that it is made of some stretchy fabric.

I'm sure someone would have Danielle ftv black dress public it amusing to watch me jump and wiggle into this dress. It seemed to go over my stomach and boobs perfectly fine I was quite impressed with myself for being able to orgasm that many times in that short a period. I literally just checked and it only took me three minutes to orgasm three times.

I think that both Rascal Dog and I were surprised at how short the scene was. I most likely could've Needless to say I was very surprised when I showed up at one of the FTV houses expecting to get a bunch of solo photosets done.

I saw FTVRob's car parked on the driveway so was curious I don't remember it being originally planned that I would assist this Danielle ftv black dress public. Of course, I'm never one to say no I was ecstatic when I found out that this scene would be the New Years update.

You can tell Danielle ftv black dress public it's an older shoot shot in just based on my tattoos which I have since had removed. I don't think she's ever shot anything since so FTV Rob would I'm a pretty competitive person so I was determined to be the one with the most carrots or key limes in me.

I think I ended up If I remember correctly, she didn't seem shy, just soft spoken. She was really very sweet, and seemed to be comfortable enough with Kirara asuka leaks pic nudity.

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